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Buying A Second Home After Retirement

Authored By: 
Claudia Miran

After retiring from my career as a college professor, my wife and I decided to look into the possibility of purchasing a second home so that we could make the most of our golden years. We were looking for somewhere with mild weather and preferably within a reasonable distance of the ocean – and on the advice of our children, we began looking at homes in the Bay Area.

I took to the web in my search for cheap homes and before long, I found that there were a lot of bank foreclosures in California to choose from. Since we were hoping to buy a second home without breaking the bank, this was a big plus for us.

We knew exactly what we were looking for: a quiet neighborhood, proximity to grocery stores and other amenities and preferably accessible by public transit. We were hoping for a two story house with three to four bedrooms and if at all possible, a porch and back yard.

Before long, the search paid off and we found a foreclosed home in Solano County which looked perfect. I got in touch with a local real estate agent, my wife and I flew out to look at this house and a few others and we started the process of purchasing our second home.

Our realtor was fantastic and that’s the number one piece of advice I’d give to anyone looking to buy a home: find a real estate agent you’re comfortable working with. Thanks to our realtor’s expertise, we’ve closed the deal and in fact, I’m writing this while relaxing on the porch at our new second home in California.

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