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Can Alexis Bellino aka Real Housewife Avoid a Home Foreclosure?

Authored By: 
Mark Rehmi
Let's face reality—reality TV stars and their home bank foreclosures that is! The housing crisis is hurting even reality stars like Real Housewives of Orange County's Alexis Bellino.
She and her husband Jim seem to be suffering right along with many Americans. They've already experienced two defaults on their six bedroom house.

Apparently, the power couple has enlisted the aid of attorney Michael York who has helped them stop schedule auctions and foreclosure—twice—but things still don't look good for the Bellinos.

The house is still reportedly up for a short sale if you have a whopping $3.3 million to spare but according to the reality star and her husband, they say they have put in over $6 million into the six bedroom estate.

It does give the average American pause on why many celebrities are part of the many foreclosure listings around the country. Is it because they simply don't manage their money well? Or has the Bravo TV housewife reality star spent more on shopping, manicures and pedicures than she should! Although Alexis denies needing a nose job, this year on the reality TV show, she is shown going through a nose job process to fix a deviated septum. This is sort of amusing since deviated septum surgery doesn't change the look or shape of one's nose and Bellino seems to have ridden herself of a nose bump she didn't like.

Still, homeowners today can learn a huge lesson from the Bellinos—don't buy more than you can afford. Although their lawyer, York says the couple has no financial problems, that statement seems unlikely since they've defaulted on their loan twice already. Stay tuned!

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