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Houses for Rent in Cleveland TN

Authored By: 
Andrew Goodwin

Cleveland, Tennessee, a city with over 40,000 people, has much to offer those looking for houses for rent in Cleveland, TN. Currently, it’s ranked at number 33 on the list on emerging metropolitan areas, which makes it a fast growing area that provides an excellent place to live for families and working professionals. Since the population has grown by more than 11% since 2000, the entire area has been growing, offering many shopping centers, churches, parks and more.

Jobs in Cleveland, TN

Finding a job is an important consideration for individuals looking for houses to rent in Cleveland TN. Although the population has seen growth, currently the unemployment rate in the city is at 7.70%. The area has seen negative job growth recently, with jobs decreasing by 0.63%. While the job plight might seem dismal, it’s important to note that the average unemployment rate across the nation is at 8.60%, showing that Cleveland, TN has fewer people dealing with unemployment than in many other places in the county.

With big industry moving into the area, such as the Volkswagen Plant and the Volkswagen Parts Suppliers, jobs have been created in the area. For most people working within the area, the average commute time is only 20 minutes, which is lower than the national average as well. Another benefit related to the economy in the area is that the cost of living is more than 11% lower than the national average, something that many families will appreciate.

Schools in Cleveland, TN

Safety and schools are two important points when considering houses for rent by owner in Cleveland. A look at crime shows that the crime rates within the city of Cleveland are a bit higher than the average national crime rate. However, over the past few years, crime rates within the area are down. While certain types of crime are higher than average, other types of crime, such as murder, auto theft and robbery are all lower than the national average.

When it comes to area schools, the public schools in the city spend less per student than average school expenditures around the country. Class sizes average about 16 students per teacher within the local public schools. Several colleges and universities are located in Cleveland, with others available near the city.

The Cleveland Real Estate Market

When looking for houses for rent in Cleveland TN, a look at the real estate market is essential. Currently the median home value is at $141,709, which is higher than many other places within the state of Tennessee. Mean prices for housing units within Cleveland are at $176,865 and the median gross rent is at right about $600. Of course, the rental prices vary, depending on the size of the home for rent, the area and the amenities included.

Life in Cleveland, TN

The climate within Cleveland is quite mild, which is attractive to those looking for houses for rent in Cleveland TN. In the summer, average high temperatures are usually in the mid to upper 80s with the winter low temperatures in the winter are usually in the 30s. Year round, the area experiences about normal levels of precipitation and the humidity levels are average as well. Very little snowfall is seen and the mild winters are attractive to many people.

For those looking for a growing city that offers a reasonable cost of living and a decent economy, Cleveland is an excellent place to consider. With unemployment percentages at less than the national average, this is an excellent place for those looking for a job. Add to that a mild climate and it’s easy to see why individuals may consider houses for rent in Cleveland TN.

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