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Rent to Own Homes in Jacksonville Florida

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Andrew Goodwin

When we consider its full area, Jacksonville happens to be the largest city in Florida. With over 800,000 people, it’s the most populous city within the state of Florida as well. Not only is the city right on the St. Johns River, but it is on the Atlantic coast as well, making it a beautiful place to live.

The Jacksonville home market is rebounding, and rent to own homes in Jacksonville Florida are easy to find. If you’re considering cheap houses for rent in this area, here is a closer look at the economy, cost of living and other essential information to consider before relocating.


The economy is an important topic for anyone considering rent to own homes in Jacksonville Florida. The location of the city on the Atlantic and on the St. Johns River has helped grow the economy in the city. While the port has much to do with the economy, the diversification of the economy has a big impact on the strength of the economy in Jacksonville.

The main industries that balance this economy include manufacturing, biomedical technology, information services, insurance, distribution, financial services and more. Many prominent organizations and corporations call Jacksonville home, such as Fidelity National Financial, Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. and CSX Corporation, all of which are Fortune 500 companies. The economic momentum in the area has boosted the city’s stature as an international and national marketplace. On a regular basis, the city is rated on the “Hottest Cities in America” list for business relocations and expansions.

Jobs in Jacksonville

Although those looking for rent to own homes in Jacksonville Florida will find a diverse and large economy, the job situation is a bit different. Currently, Jacksonville’s unemployment rate is at 9.90%, which is quite a bit higher than the national average unemployment rate of 8.60%. Another problem is that job growth is negative, with jobs decreasing by close to a percentage point. Though many people find employment in the city, the negative job growth is a concern to new people relocating to the area.

Jacksonville Weather

Of course, the climate found in the city is attractive to many people considering relocation. Those who choose rent to own homes in Jacksonville Florida will enjoy the humid subtropical climate that offers mild winters and hot summers. Throughout the year, the high temperatures average between 64-92 degrees F. During the summer months, thunderstorms are very common. While freezing temperatures may occur from time to time, winters are usually quite mild and snow is very rare in the area.

Schools in Jacksonville, FLA

The public school system is very good in Jacksonville, which is important to parents that have school age children. The student to teacher ratio is 17.1:1, which is quite good. Parents considering rent to own homes in Jacksonville Florida will be happy to known that several of the Jacksonville schools have been featured in the country’s list of top public high schools, featured in Newsweek each year.

Some of the schools that have appeared on the list include Paxon School for Advanced Studies, Mandarin High School, Sandalwood High School, Stanton College Preparatory School and Duncan U. Fletcher High School. Several Catholic schools are available in the area, as are other private schools. Several charter schools are also available. Various institutions of higher learning are found in Jacksonville, including Jacksonville University, Florida State College at Jacksonville and the University of North Florida.

Living in Jacksonville, FLA

Statistics show that the cost of living in Jacksonville is much lower than the rest of the country. In fact, it’s more than 11% lower than the national average. Those looking for rent to own homes in Jacksonville Florida will appreciate the lower cost of living, which is really helpful in the currently economic downturn being experienced by the entire country.

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