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Use Technology to Reach Younger Buyers

Authored By: 
Andrew Goodwin

Who do you think is hunting most actively for cheap homes for sale by owner? It is young people, the members of the younger crowd. As they say, you're only as old as you feel, and your "real age" depends on several factors such as your diet and chosen lifestyle, but... for our purposes of talking about making real estate sales on FSBO homes, let's define "the younger crowd" as adults who are age 30 and younger.

If you're a seller of cheap homes, and you do "for sale by owner" deals, then that younger crowd is your niche market. Those in that crowd are your target market.

Unquestionably, you will find buyers of cheap homes who are older than 30 years of age, sometimes far older. But these people tend to be in the same business as you. If they're not flipping properties, then they are tend to be people who have tight budgets, or who simply want to find a great deal on a second home or a retirement home. What this all means for you is that you have a larger, hungrier market for your sales of cheap homes for sale by owner when your audience is the younger crowd.

The vast majority of those who are in the younger crowd (who can even think about buying a house, that is) are still climbing their way to the top financially. Even if they are earning high salaries already, they are still socking away money for the future. Universally, they are still building their own future and may well be fresh from university graduation and burdened with student loans, concerned about the financial aspects of caring for small children, being long-suffering through entry level jobs on their way "to the top"; but, tired of renting or living with mom and dad and looking to become first-time homeowners.

These people are likely to be cautious and conservative with their money.
They will look to deals on cheap homes and for sale by owner deals.

How to Target the Younger Home-buying Crowd
with Today's Technology

Those in the younger crowd have one thing in common (at least): they are immersed in the use of technology. Today, that means that they are probably immersed in the use of social media on the Internet. You need to ask yourself how you can leverage these social media to sell your houses. Let's look at the basics of what you can do to achieve this end, and increase the chances of selling your property at a good price.

Use Facebook

You should create a Facebook page that is oriented towards the business end of things. Create a Facebook page and add to your page daily to begin creating an online presence. Talk about and post photos of your home(s) for sale. Be friendly and engaging on your wall and with anyone who happens to Message you.

Use Twitter

"Tweet" about your for sale by owner homes. A word of caution: don't Tweet more than five times per day. You don't want to seem like a spammer and you want to appear too busy selling houses to tweet all day and night!

Use video

It's amazingly easy to create a video which can be uploaded to YouTube, and you can upload one for free. If you don't want to appear in the video for personal reasons, shoot some footage of, or create a photo montage about, your for-sale properties with a nice voice-over. There are free video-creation software programs that you can download or, for a relatively small price, you can buy a program that will transform a script into a professional-looking video for you.

Create a blog

Use WordPress or Google's Blogger program and begin writing about property buying information and issues. By all means post your properties' photos and information, but remember to provide free useful information independent of your own sales endeavors. That's how you build credibility.

Write Articles

Write home buying articles and produce same-theme videos for Yahoo's Associated Content. This is a nice trick of the trade: you get paid (not a lot, but something is better than nothing) to do advertising and outreach for yourself! Just remember that you must provide good content that is not "sales-like", but you can certainly include links to your Facebook page and your blog as Resources.

Use LinkedIn

The trick of the trade here is to fill out your profile completely. Network with your online and e-mail contact friends, who may know someone in the younger crowd who is looking for cheap homes for sale. Those in the younger crowd utilize LinkedIn for professional reasons today, and they are more likely to stumble upon you if you have a presence there.

The Moral of the Story:

Target those in the younger crowd with your cheap homes for sale by owner offers. Do this by leveraging the technology that they are immersed in and take as an integral part of their collective lives.

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