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RealtyStore makes cheap homes easier to find. Everyone shopping for a home wants to get the best value for their money. The traditional real estate market does not always promote cheap homes for sale. Bargain real estate buyers often look to foreclosure properties for the type of home and low price they desire. But foreclosures are not the only available alternative. RealtyStore recognizes that exceptional home values can also be found in short sales, rent to own, for sale by owner and tax sales listings. These are all included in our listings of Bargain Homes.

Buy a Short Sale For Less than the Seller Paid

For the short sale buyer, both timing and patience are important. Short sales can be a real win-win for all parties. Homeowners benefit from leaving their upside down mortgages. Lenders benefit by accelerating cash flow and avoiding costs associated with taking the home through the foreclosure process. The short sale buyer benefits by acquiring the home for less than the previous sale price, sometimes at a significant discount. The process can take an extended amount of time, however.

Buy Direct with For Sale By Owner Real Estate

For sale by owner (FSBO) sales are another non-traditional real estate opportunity. FSBO home sellers have different motivations and goals than other sellers. They may feel they do not need to rely on the marketing and transactional expertise offered by real estate agents. They may also wish to avoid paying commissions and other fees to agents, and possibly pass those savings back to the homebuyer through a lower sale price. This may also provide for a shorter the time on market for a FSBO home. Sellers who are motivated to make a deal quickly may take this route to streamline their sale process.

Pay Yourself with Rent to Own or Owner Financed Homes

Similar to FSBO, rent to own homes represent another creative variety of cheap homes for sale. Instead of requiring a down payment and a bank loan, a lease to own agreement can allow a renter to apply a portion of every month's rental payment towards the purchase of the home. This allows the renter to build the funds needed over time, while they live in the house. Certain rent to own situations can offer an owner financed mortgage. The existing homeowner (sometimes an investment group) can back the mortgage and act as your personal lender for the balance of the purchase price of the home, thereby avoiding a bank loan.

Turn a Profit with Tax Sales

RealtyStore also lists tax sales properties. Depending on a state's laws, these listings may offer either tax lien to tax deed sales. Tax lien sales offer tax certificates which require the holder to guarantee the property tax payment, and allow the holder to charge the property owner a premium interest rate on the taxes paid. If the premium and taxes are not paid according to the terms of the lien, the property title will transfer from the homeowner to the certificate holder. This allows the lien holder to either profit from the premium paid, or by acquiring the property outright should the homeowner default on tax payments. Alternatively, tax sales based on tax deeds allow the public to bid at auction for property where the owner defaulted on their property tax due. Both types of tax sale properties should be considered in a buyer's strategy for finding a low cost home.

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