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For sale by owner (FSBO) listings are available nationwide from RealtyStore. Homes listed for sale by owner are not represented by a real estate agent, however. Home sellers representing the sale themselves will save costs associated with agent fees and commissions. These cost savings may be passed on to the home buyer in a lower sales price. They can often represent significant bargains versus other homes offered for sale through agents. However, home buyers should be careful in dealing with houses for sale by owner, being sure the sales contract is reviewed by an expert for legal compliance and completeness.

Deal Direct with FSBO Home Sellers

Since no agent is representing the home, it can be quicker and easier to investigate a for sale by owner home. The owner will need to be contacted directly to provide all the additional information needed and arrange a showing. Motivated sellers will be quick to respond with complete information and flexible to arrange showings to best suit schedules. The owner may have an emotional investment in the house, so it is important to focus on the facts presented by the home's condition and design. A professional home inspection and appraisal from third party professionals will help a buyer understand how strong a value the home's price represents.

FSBO properties can offer the smoothest, most direct negotiations for home purchases on the market today. See if the home of your dreams is available now in RealtyStore's exclusive listings of homes for sale by owner.


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