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Rent to Own in Pennsylvania zip codes: Find Owner Financed Homes

Quickly becoming the hot ticket for under-qualified home buyers, 'Lease with option to buy homes' (commonly referred to as 'rent to own', or 'lease to own') are making the dream of home buying a little more attainable. In situation where substandard credit or low-to-no down payment exists, potential buyers can opt to 'lease' a property for a few years, during which time a portion of their rent payment will build a deposit that can be credited towards a down payment. If the renters do not exercise their purchasing right at the end of term, that deposit is forfeited to owner financing the home.

Owner financed homes are now a viable alternative to paying rent indefinitely and are becoming more popular during the current economic climate. Let RealtyStore's extensive database of rent to own homes be your starting point for home ownership.

Browse the links below for Rent to own homes in Pennsylvania ZIP codes.

Rent to Own Listings by ZIP Codes

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