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Short Sales With a Built-In Discount

Search short sales listings by state. Short sales provide a unique opportunity for bargain home buyers. These homes have not entered into the formal foreclosure process and may not be well publicized by sellers. Finding a short sale house on your own can be difficult, but very financially rewarding. RealtyStore's nationwide coverage makes it easier to find the right short sale listing for your needs. Short sales are available in our listings of cheap homes for sale in Florida, for example.

These homes offer an advantage because, by definition, they are sold for less than the balance of the existing home loan amount. The purchase savings can be significantly greater than those found with auction or foreclosed properties. A short sale buyer needs to be well organized and patient to gain the best deal. Since the home has not yet been repossessed by the lender or mortgage guarantor, both the current homeowner and the lender will need to agree to the sale price you offer.

The Short Sale Advantage

Short sales are often win-win transactions. The short sale buyer benefits by acquiring a short sale house at a discounted price since the homeowner and lender are very motivated to sell. The lender benefits because it can avoid the additional costs and time required to take the home through the foreclosure process. Homeowners also benefit by avoiding the damage a foreclosure will cause to credit ratings. Search short sales listings in the state of your choice now and find a great deal others may have overlooked.

Short Sales Listings by State

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