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RealtyStore empowers homebuyers and investors with the information and knowledge needed to win in today's complex real estate market. Our Smart Deals and Affordable Real Estate listings are an important part of the value that RealtyStore users enjoy every day.

To ensure our users can evaluate the broadest variety of affordable Real Estate available in our database, we provide insight on the value of certain non-distressed listings that pass our rigorous requirements test for Smart Deals. This test includes an analysis of a hundreds of neighborhood and property factors which can influence home prices. The result is a rating score which illustrates the relative value offered for potential investment appreciation (for a homeowner) and cash flow (for home investors).

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Smart Deals help our users see and evaluate all possible options for finding and profiting from buying bargain homes and below-market real estate values. These Deals help you see beyond price alone in evaluating a home's potential long-term underlying value. Cheap homes for sale may or may not provide the best deal. But, Smart Deals will help illustrate the truly cheap houses available on the market today. Search the RealtyStore Smart Deals available now in your area.

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