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Buyers in today's market are forced to act quickly or lose the property. Your Realtor needs to advise you on the best course of action. Firstly you really need a solid preapproval letter from a local bank or mortgage broker. You may ask why local. The main reason is that the seller will feel more comfortable working with your offer if they recognize the lending institution. It may seem like a small item, but if you are competing with another buyer, local is better. Get a qualified New York Certified home inspector. Again in this hot market, quite a lot of buyers are dropping the home inspection and radon test in order to improve their chances of having their offer accepted. This is a risky move, because if you proceed with purchase, you really have a very limited comeback if you discover a defect after you buy, so waiving your inspection should be an absolute last resource. A good Real Estate attorney is essential to a smooth a transaction. Some buyers choose to use the bank attorney when purchasing a home. In certain circumstances this is ok, but remember that he will put the bank first. Generally speaking, the bank and your interests are basically the same in the purchase. I would still suggest have your own attorney for your best protection. This is just a little guideline.