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It's Fall, maybe I will wait till spring to list my home?

Spring used to be the time – it was the most popular time to list or buy a home. With new flowers came New Home owners.

Last year winter hung around for a very long time – spring did not make an appearance till right before summer time! They are claiming this winter will be very much the same.

With the unpredictable weather we have in Michigan we have also experienced many unexpected changes in our Real Estate market – that makes us not base our decision’s on history. Yes it’s good to know the history – but we need to know where we are going and what the outlook is.

Currently we have very low interest rates – so there are plentiful buyers and serious buyers. Not too many tire kickers in the fall market.

If interest rates do go up as they claim this may limit the amount of buyers as we have experienced it before – interest rates go up and the market kind of stands still, waiting for anther drop.

For over a year we have noticed price increases and in the markets – we have had a steady increase; quote form Grand Rapids Association of Realtors “Both pending and closed sales for this period are up 3.9% and 6.8% respectively. YTD sales for 2014 are down slightly, but the volume and corresponding average sale price are both up. The overall report is as predicted since we anticipated the number of sales in 2014 would likely mirror 2013, continuing the strong pace of sales. Inventory remains low as quality listings (priced right/good condition) are selling quickly and often with multiple offers”. Quoted October 2014

However, at some point we WILL STABLIZE. Some economists think sooner then later. Snip it from KW Blog “markets that accelerated in recovery and saw rapid price gains earlier in the year will likely be the first to see the most slowdown in price gains”.

The Gordon Group GR is no stranger to the Real Estate market change. We are consistently making adjustments to fit Grand Rapids market trends.

So let’s talk to see if the fall market is best for you or lets get you ready for spring with some winter projects. But do not go this alone – we want to help!

To set up your listing consultation and go over our 14 step custom marketing plan contact us at 616-259-8211 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!