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"Let the Buyers Replace the Roof" Urged the Seller..

. The "easiest out" in selling a house is to "imagine" that the Buyers want to replace the....roof, carpet, deck the mechanical or cosmetic part of the house.

In our experience....and in some cases the "added experience" of the replace the roofinsurance company, the mortgage lender...and yes, the Buyers...they not only do not want replace "it"...."it" is not permitted.

One of the very first questions an insurance agent will ask in insuring a new property is "How old is the roof ?" In some cases they may even send a representative to the property to observe the condition of the peaks and valleys...check to see if there have been repairs, missing shingles...worn areas. The days of blindly insuring a property are gone...and it is responsibility of the Seller to be sure that the roof has "life" when the property is listed. Insurance companies and lenders are not assuming the liability for a large expense due to deferred maintenance on the part of the Seller.

The roof of course is just one example. Buyers are not fooled by the strategically placed furniture that covers the stains in the carpet...the carpet stains ...the picture that hides the defects in the drywall....replace, repair...get the house ready for sale.

If the furnace and air conditioner are still in good repair but older...consider adding a home warranty to your "ready to sell" home. Coverage may vary from company to company...the warranty policy can add a measure of comfort to the New Buyer's purchase.
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