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The State of Real Estate (Spring 2019)

Greetings from Moose Valliere Properties (Atoka Properties)!

What a great year so far! The internet is on fire with buyers and sellers that are seeking to find a great deal or find their next home or value their current and future real estate interests.

We are seeing that the record low mortgage rates are causing sellers to sit tight and enjoy watching their home values appreciate while interested buyers are picking through the uncharacteristically low inventory in search of the "right home". Low inventory and low interest rates almost always means rising prices. Especially since new home builders are not adding to the market like they were.

So buyers, IF, IF, IF you can find a home right now and you don't have to give away your first born to beat out 5 other offers, GO GET THAT HOME!! The market is increasing in value as much as 7% this year in some areas. That's money you're losing if you wait.

Sellers, now may be the best time in a long while to sell your home for a great price with near perfect terms. Once the market cools, you lose that advantage as it goes back to the buyer.

The point is, if you're ready to buy or sell, DON'T WAIT! Don't lose the moment of opportunity at hand. Paralysis by analysis keeps so many consumers empty handed and void of realizing great opportunities at great moments. Don't hesitate!

For any and all real estate needs, reach out to real professionals.

Put my 15+ years of experience and over $250 million in real estate sales to good use. I'm never too busy to help you!

Have a great summer!

Moose Valliere
Atoka Properties
Moose Valliere Properties, Team Leader

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