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Homeownership Falls to 10-year Low

A recent Gallup poll reveals good news for potential homeowners.  70% of participants agree that today is a great time to buy a home.  Foreclosures are plentiful and interest rates remain low.  This trend is up from 52% in 2006 and 53% in 2008.  Gallup has been tracking home ownership since 2001 and uses figures from a balance of demographics, gender, age, race and education.

The number of homeowners fell to a record low of 62% in 2012, down from a record high of 73% in 2007 based on Gallup's 11-year record keeping figures.  With an abundance of real estate on the market, great deals for cheap homes can be found nationwide.  A positive atmosphere that home ownership is on the uptick is up by 10% as compared to polls conducted one year ago.

The housing market has suffered a blow, due in part to problems within the financial community over the past decade.  With these issues now being addressed, a promising future is seen.  The opportunity of purchasing foreclosures is not expected to last and taking advantage of cheap homes now is seen by a majority of those surveyed. 

While figures of foreclosures may seem high at the moment, the trend shows an improved forecast in the upcoming years.  Knowing how to take advantage of this temporary climate is the next step in making an investment in the residential housing market. is an excellent source of education on what to look for, options in financing, then shopping for the perfect property.  Not only will you find foreclosures but cheap homes for sale by owner, future auctions and bank-owned properties.  Real life scenes of the surrounding neighborhood and the potential for increased value are also given long time investors of the industry.

As the trend for home ownership begins to rise, be sure and check out what your future could hold by considering foreclosures that are a great bargain today.  Whether you are looking for a great family home in an existing area or wish to move to another part of the country, has the right tools to help you make the right decision in owning your own home at an affordable price.

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