• Brooklyn, NY 11230

  • 2 Beds 2 Baths 1,151 SqFt
  • Multi-family (2-4 units) / Rent To Own

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Rent-to-own homes can be purchased using a Lease Option. This means the buyer rents the home for a set period of time, sets aside a portion of monthly rent payments during this time, and then has an option to purchase the home later, using the accumulated savings toward the down payment. Rent-To-Own properties offer home ownership opportunities to those who have poor credit or can't afford the down payment. It gives buyers time to rebuild their credit and accumulate purchase credits while living in the house.

****Brokers Very Welcomed*********Free wkly housekeeping***** Grass Roof for yoga, picnics****Only $260/mth Maintenance***Midwood Pre-Hollywood Film History****** Well positioned geographically for growth from North Brooklyn's expensive pricing****** Lots of Storage **** Pets Welcomed*****WHY WE ARE DIFFERENTMagellan- A Thoughtful Buying ProcessYou are buying the AddressBOTH Ocean Ave and MidwoodMidwood for its pre-Hollywood film making history-it was this power of the arts that may have ascended Williamsburg 20 yrs agoOcean Ave for its varied historical architecture- including Landmarked buildings.You are buying History.You are buying the Brand- MagellanMagellan - one of Pioneer, First - Infusing local history with contemporary artWe instill Character, Spirit, AppearanceWe care about the Value of your purchase.When its time to resell, the above are important compared to other aged buildings.Ask yourself, does this building have Brand, Character or Spirit distinctly identifiable?For resale value, Buy the Different.Possibly Undervalued?Possibly Overlooked ?- based on area comparison, possible buyer demographics shift, and Midwoods pre-Hollywood history?Midwood ($600-700/sf) may be a safer investment in event of a downswing- compared to the north brooklyn. With similar subway convenience nearby, this may encourage buyer shift to south Brooklyn. Flatbush, directly below Prospect Park, is already around $900/sf. May Midwood be possibly next in line on being possibly price influenced? Pls read our Disclaimers.Unique Amenities rarely found elsewhere- FREE Bus shuttle to B/Q subway (wkday morning, to compensate the additional 15 min subway ride from Williamsburg/ProspectPark to Midwood - for those living now in North Brooklyn)FREE Housekeeping(weekly)* All FREE services guaranteed 1st yr, subsequent yrs up for total buyers voting.Spacious Living with the ViewsOnly 7 blocks to Chinatown at Ave U - delicious, affordable eateries!A Different Lifestyle - A Relaxed, Healthy Lifestyle. When was the last time you truly breathe? A Chance to truly Breathe.. A Natural Sanctuary - without the need for faraway Mountains. Close to wildlife reserves ( Forever Wild Preserves)- bird watching, hiking, biking, fishing,canoeing, and also 2 golf courses, & 15 new tennis courts and other sports(cricket!) at Marine Park (Brooklyns largest park). Also the gateway to the sprawling Far Rockaway Beach (5.5Miles of white sand peninsular) is only 15 min drive away- a quiet, blissful paradise right by your doorstep. Locally, Pristine Beaches and charming Harbor with lively eateries/lounges only 10 minute drive away- its a ocean lover paradise. Insatiable Nightlife - For those who craved nightlife, come experience the festive Emmons Ave at the harbor and its nearby highly talked about clubs and lounges -Club Tatiana.Midwood - the Zen, without the need for mountains Aspirate the Dew of origin.Midwood - Most Ethnic. According to article by New York Magazine, Because Brooklyn and Queens Are Competing to Be the Most Diverse Counties in America (and Maybe the World), based on the demographic diagram, it could be extrapolated that Midwood/Flatbush area may be the most ethnic area in the world, by variety and density.- a historical jewel of Harmony.The Magic Transporter of time and placeAll the different gestures, the purest, rawest frowns, laughters, smiles, yawns, jiberish all culminated to that one single moment of realization-where millions of dreams, hopes, yearns of past, present and future all bridge to that one single moment-the moment where all of me touches the origin. - mentioned poetically by a local resident.The bliss didnt come from the mountains, nor the trees, the grass, nor meandering rivers.Nor was it about any single moment.Its a process over time, that all of a sudden triggered the realization.The realization that helps us re-discover the bliss - the bliss that has always been within us.Its not a bliss where its temporary, where you have to be near it to feel it- as in mountains - and if u leave it, its gone.Its a feeling that stays sublimely with u, no matter where, what , when.Ever wonder why we crave for travel to India, Africa, Tibet and all those countries?Come experience the pure, the raw, the origin.Come experience Midwood- the ALL in One.The Romanticism of Midwood- originally a Dutch and English settlement, Midwood is a Dutch word-meaning Middle Wood, has a romantic feel to it- much to the likes of King Arthur or Robin Hood- due to its origin of being an isolated dense forest, mysteriously displaced in a city. As a result, it has countless variety of trees and they are everywhere- truly a explorative city oasis.Come Experience the Greatness & Unusual-Pre-hollywood history + the Ethnic Cool vs the MetropolitanOther attractions include our 360 view roof top garden laid with grass, mini-golf, electric massage chair, yoga mats. Centrally Located to subway B Q lines, bus lines, all highways, multi ethnic eateries, shopping centers. Why MidwoodA. The OpportunityOne of glorious historic film and television origin that predates even Hollywood- in fact Midwood can be said to be the original Hollywood. However this fact may not be well known, thus an opportunity, as industry may soon realize the difference and play catchup to this possibly undervalued (priced at a steep discount to Williamsburg/Dumbo) situation. Local non-profit Midwood Developmment Corp. has been working on revitalizing the areas former historic glow in film/television- its historic roots unmatched by any area of Brooklyn. Midwood, which limited area is only 10 avenues by 30 streets, is home to renowned actors such as Woody Allen, Marisa Tomei, Beastie Boys founder Adam Yauch, and films/shows like Godfather, Cosby Show, Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live. Vitagraph Studios built the first US modern film studio in 1906 and became the most prolific American film production company by 1907, producing many famous silent films, the worlds very first aviation war film in 1911, the worlds first animated film in 1897, and produced some of worlds first movie stars. In 1952, NBC bought part of Vitagraph Studios and rename it NBC Brooklyn- its presence transformed Avenue M into the likes of Broadway and Hollywood, with stars like Sammy Davis Jr, Rolling Stones, Sonny & Cher and Tina Sinatra, Roy Rogers performing there in tv shows. When NBC Brooklyn Color Studio 2 was built , it was the largest color TV production studio in America. Aside film-making, Midwood is also notable for John Kennedys and Robert Kennedys campaigns and speeches here in the 60s. Another historical noteworthy is during the Revolutionary War, the British chased after George Washingtons army through Kingshighway prior to the War of Brooklyn.B. Possible Migration of renters/ buyers from northern Brooklyn (Williamsburg/Prospect Park areas-avg $1200/sf) moving slightly south and western Brooklyn (Sunset/Boro Park- avg $800/sf) moving sightly east- for more affordable prices, possible cash flow savings, and possible appreciable upside.All these may portend favorably for Midwood ($600-700/sf).C. Strong Economic Support of tight knitted local communities. D. Close to many multi-cultural eateries/retail, it is potentially the next desirable market, comparable to already prominent matured developments in Flushing and Brooklyn 8th Ave- yet priced at a sizable discount.Apt Features:Built Spacious, wide layout, great wide window views & lots of sunlight in every room, higher ceilingsNew 8 storey Bldg with 12 units avail -6 front-street view, 6 Back-unobstructed bridge & manhattan view, 2 balconies-daily habits, animal/bird watching, stargazing.hard wood floors, granite kitchen top, high tubs-those daily hot tub!Common charges plus r.e. tax per mth = $300/mthw/ 7.5 yrs tax abatement, 7 Indoor Parking spots-50K each.Animal Friendly Building-Pets totally Allowed-Pets are People too(Roof Garden open to pets)Disclaimers:NEITHER 1916 Ocean Ave LLC NOR THE INFORMATION PROVIDERS SHALL HAVE ANY LIABILITY, CONTINGENT OR OTHERWISE FOR THE ACCURACY, COMPLETENESS, TIMELINESS FOR ANY DECISION MADE OR ACTION TAKEN BY YOU IN RELIANCE UPON THE INFORMATION. PAST PERFORMANCE OF ANY INVESTMENT STRATEGY CANNOT GUARANTEE ITS FUTURE PERFORMANCE AND LOSS OF ORIGINAL CAPITAL MAY OCCUR.

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