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Rent-to-own homes can be purchased using a Lease Option. This means the buyer rents the home for a set period of time, sets aside a portion of monthly rent payments during this time, and then has an option to purchase the home later, using the accumulated savings toward the down payment. Rent-To-Own properties offer home ownership opportunities to those who have poor credit or can't afford the down payment. It gives buyers time to rebuild their credit and accumulate purchase credits while living in the house.

PLEASE READ ENTIRE 5 PARAGRAGH DESCRIPTION BELOW, WITH ALL NON-NEGOTIABLE TERMS, FIRST BEFORE REACHING OUT: This beautiful home, that has been reduced in price for a first time buyer for a cash sale of $22,600! I'm selling my home inexpensively because, my family own many properties across the country. A few times a year we sell one or a few of our homes to first time buyers for under $50,000. This is done as a tax rite off for us, and to bless a family or individual that needs it, and as being a first time buyer, may not be able to get a home otherwise. I am not interested in hearing from anyone with representation or anyone that has previously owned a home. So, no realtors, no lenders, no investors, no wholesalers, no attorneys, no third parties and no one that has ever owned a property. FIRST TIME BUYERS ONLY! Also, this home is occupied by tenants until the 24th of October. They've purchased their own home & are in the process of moving, but due to their lease, we must give 6 days notice before a person can see the inside or do a walk thru. I are not giving that notice until a person interested, deposits $2,600 cash (via bank wire), thru my mom's bank account. This will happen within an hour and a half of you calling to say you want to move forward. Or, if banks are closed due to it being the night before or early morning, then by 10am the next business day or Zelle bank wire within an hour if it is a holiday. This is done along with having signed and received the contractual letter of intent, prior signed by me, after you have sent a picture of your ID to our property manager. THIS PROCESS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE! Before deposit, our property manager Mandi is the only representation dealing with this home, (she is not a Realtor, Agent or Broker), just our property manager whom we trust with all of our sales, as she manages our many property rentals, while we are living out of state. NON-NEGOTIABLE TERMS: She will send an you the contractual letter of intent (already signed by me), after a picture of your ID is texted for verification and your email address. This contract which states that the $2,600 is fully refundable, once the walk thru happens, if you no longer want it, will be sent. However, it is also made clear that the seller will not give the notice to the tenants until the $2,600 cash, is confirmed being received via bank deposit, thru wire to my mom's account has completed. I then, change the status on Zillow from "for sale" to "sale pending". Following giving the notice to the tenants of the walk thru happening 6 days later. THIS IS ALL NON-NEGOTIABLE! If after the walk thru the purchaser still wants to move forward, then the balance $20,000 will either be due at closing or over 5 years owner financing at $334 a month. No interest is attached and we will pay all taxes for the property for the entire 5 years, if the $334 monthly option is taken! Closing will be on the 25th of October and the home will be able to be possessed at that time. Closing costs and title fees will be paid by me, at closing and thru a title company. (PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THE TITLE COMPANY WILL NOT BE INVOLVED UNTIL AFTER THE WALK THRU AND PURCHASER AGREES TO THE FULL SALE). This is for a first time buyer, but if you are not a first time buyer with the $2,600 hard cash bills thru bank wire, to give as a deposit thru to my mom's bank account, as we requested, and you are not willing to follow the process we have stated above, then this home is not for you! PERIOD. So, please don't contact our property manager to waste her time! However, if you have the $2,600 and are ready and willing to do the process, without hesitation or time wasting, then call our agent, Mandi today on (702) 704-3053.

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