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Preforeclosures in Arizona - Arizona Notice of Default and Lis Pendens

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Preforeclosure in Arizona

The Western state of Arizona, last of the contiguous states to enter the Union, became the 48th state in 1912. Though much of the land is government-owned, property and homes are available for purchase. The Grand Canyon will never enter preforeclosure status, although real estate in that area does so on occasion.

Natural beauty and wide open spaces account for the lure of home ownership in Arizona. Mountains, pines and Saguaro cactus add to its panoramic beauty. Air conditioning tamed the hot summers. Winter weather ranges from mild to blizzards.

Real estate is frequently built to complement the scenery of the Copper State. Property along the Colorado River is marked at 72 feet above sea level, while mountain cabins near Humphreys Peak near 12,637 feet above sea level. Sand and cactus are as much a part of landscaping as elegant lawns and flowers.

Government jobs are available at all levels. The top private employers include Banner Health, Wells Fargo Bank, Walmart, and Bank of America. Not surprisingly, tourism puts McDonalds in the top five private sector employers.

Prospective Arizona homeowners find custom built single family log homes with all the amenities of a mansion. Ranch style homes dot the state with elegant stone siding and the glow of hardwood floors. Condominiums are always in style. Waterfront property or residences with convenient golf course access are common features of Arizona property. Search through to discover pre foreclosure properties, improved lots and open land ready for the perfect home.

Fun things to do in Arizona include watching collegiate and professional sports live or on satellite TV. Tour the Grand Canyon. Rafting, helicopter tours, and zip lining give an upfront and personal look at the beauty of canyons and mountains in this state.

Searching for pre foreclosure real estate in Arizona is an extensive process. The state capital and largest Arizona city, Phoenix is a focal point of Maricopa County. It is home to Arizona State University. The second largest city, Tucson, is a hundred miles or so southeast of Phoenix. It is home to the University of Arizona.

A drive of less than 3 hours from Phoenix leads to Flagstaff, dazzling with its remarkable beauty. It features the largest Ponderosa Pine forest in the world. Home to Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff exemplifies the academic standards of schools across the state. A ski resort hosts multitudes of skiers in the winter.

Travel northwest from Phoenix about a hundred miles to Prescott, nestled in a forest of pines. Home to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the metropolitan area covers over 8000 square miles of Yavapai County.

It is easier to find pre foreclosure homes in Arizona by researching data online. People looking for pre foreclosure listings know the property can change status quickly. Searching by zip code or city name at a site with updated information just makes sense. Professional real estate websites like update research continually for the benefit of prospective home buyers in Arizona.

Arizona Pre Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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