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Foreclosures in Colorado: Colorado Foreclosures by County, City, or Zip</span>

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The state of Colorado is well known for its strikingly beautiful landscape including mountains, canyons, mesas and wide open plains. Where Colorado's eastern High Plains meet its Rocky Mountain peaks in the west, sits the capital and largest city, Denver CO. Denver's easy access to the natural beauty found in dozens of recreation areas, state parks and wildlife areas, plus its diverse and growing economy makes it a very desirable location for home owners. Finding a low cost home through a foreclosure sale, home auction or a government foreclosed or repossessed home in Colorado is a great way to enter the housing market and experience the valuable benefits of investing in a discount property.

Both Denver and the surrounding counties of Douglas County CO and Weld County CO have helped drive population growth in Colorado in the double digits every decade since 1950. Such population growth has created a wide variety of housing options, many of which can now be found through the hidden foreclosure market. Douglas County CO has 2,194 foreclosures available now for prices lower than you might expect. The 1,954 listings in Weld County CO include REO foreclosures, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac sales and short sale homes. Single family homes can also be found with owner financing available or in a rent-to-own option. If you can't qualify for a standard mortgage, an owner financed, rent to own home in CO can be a great deal for your home buying situation.

Denver lists 5,476 forecloses available for sale. In addition to one of the largest selections of short sale properties in CO, there is a healthy inventory in Denver of HUD foreclosures, government repossessed homes from FNME and Freddie Mac and bank REO property. Townhouses, condos, single family homes are among these low priced Denver properties. Many size options are available with homes from 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms or more. 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom homes tend to be most popular and there are many homes this size in the inventory of low cost foreclosed homes around metro Denver.

Beyond Denver, Colorado Springs CO and Ft Collins CO are worthy of consideration for home buyers and real estate investors. Both cities have mirrored Colorado's population and housing growth over recent decades and both offer great opportunities to find great deals. Colorado Springs lists 2,879 properties to investigate and the small city of Fort Collins lists 494. Many of the repossessed and foreclosed homes for sale are open to receive reasonable offers, so name your price and get the Colorado home of your dreams for less!

Colorado Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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