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Preforeclosures in Delaware - Delaware Notice of Default and Lis Pendens

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Pre foreclosure in Delaware

Twenty-one miles inland from the shoreline of Delaware Bay is an area where relaxing is a bit more easy to do. Rather than a tourist trap, Milford is a town meant to call home. Prospective buyers in search of pre foreclosure homes can expect to find large lots and residences, including remodeled farm houses and Cape Cod styles. Families with children are delighted to find several elementary and one high school in the area. Milford Senior High has an impressive student/teacher ratio. Students can take Advanced Placement exams and course work. Milford's Delaware Veterans Home is one of the employment opportunities in the area, offering positions for CNAs and RNs.

Beach towns along Route 1 are active during the summer tourist season. Rehoboth is one such area, with homes available in town and out on the fringes. Searching for pre foreclosure properties in that area may take patience, but is worth the wait. Long Neck is close enough to Cape Henlopen State Park to drive over for surf fishing. Take a boat into the Indian River Bay and drop the crab pots down to get some Maryland blue crabs.

Service industries like real estate and private health care are a great source of economic revenue. Potential homeowners who prefer agriculture can grow apples, Delaware's largest fruit crop, or other crops like potatoes, barley and soybeans. Manufacturing and mining still exist as significant sources of employment and revenue.

Delaware has the distinction of being the first of the 50 United States. It was the first of the 13 colonies to ratify the US Constitution, signing it on December 7, 1787. In addition to ocean frontage, the state had fertile farmlands and swift creeks and rivers. Water-powered industry and land and water shipping lanes brought prosperity from paper mills, black powder, agriculture and manufacturing.

Many of today's primary employers in Delaware originated from these beginnings. Boeing and Kimberly-Clark benefit from excellent shipping routes and a viable skilled work force.

Some major employers are also major educators, such as Delaware County Community College in Marple Township, Widener University in Chester City, Elwyn, Inc. in Middletown Township, and Villanova University in Radnor Township.

Potential Delaware homeowners who follow valid online reports of constantly updated lists of delinquent mortgages across the state can offer for a stately red brick or wooden frame home. There is every possibility that the current owner is ready to accept a reasonable offer that lets them walk away without penalty. Speaking with neighbors often brings up a problem with the property or home that might not show up on a title report.

Prospective home-buyers in Delaware have recently become aware of the opportunity to negotiate for a home before it goes into foreclosure. Search by zip code or city on reputable real estate online sites like to find pre foreclosure listings of desirable homes not yet subject to formal default action.

Delaware Pre Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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