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Foreclosure auctions can be found in RealtyStore's nationwide listings. We find home auctions scheduled in all states and include them in our extensive database of available distressed real estate. Auctions are conducted in a public setting, usually at a local courthouse or other easily accessible location. RealtyStore helps you find where foreclosure auctions happen, when they are scheduled and what homes are available in your area.

Current housing market conditions are causing more homes to be offered for sale at auction. A critical step in the foreclosure process, home auctions provide the general public with an opportunity to acquire homes before they are repossessed by banks or the government. By avoiding sales through an agent or bank representative, you can save thousands of dollars.

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Search your state or county for the next available trustee sale. Determine the price you want to pay and set your bidding strategy. Consider how the normal housing market would value the home involved. Then, submit your bids below market value. If your bid wins, you may find an instant profit. Get started now by registering with RealtyStore and searching foreclosure auctions in your area.

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