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Foreclosures in Iowa: Iowa Foreclosures by County, City, or Zip

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Known for years as the "American Heartland", Iowa remains a major agricultural producer in America's Corn Belt. Although corn, soybean and hog farming has been the foundation of the state's economy since the early 1800's, a slow and continual pattern of rural flight and urban growth among the state's younger population has led to shift 61% of the population away from rural and toward urban living. This shift has produced significant housing growth in many attractive Iowa metro areas. Over time, the growth in housing and population density has also created foreclosed, auction, pre-foreclosed, short sales and more distressed property listings to now offer unique home buying opportunities in Iowa.

Popular western cities including Sioux City IA and Council Bluffs IA offer dozens of foreclosed bargains to consider. Sioux City's many riverfront parks entice residents for picnics, hiking and mountain biking. Stone State Park on the South Dakota/Iowa border is especially attractive. Locating a discount home among the area's REO foreclosures or government repossessed homes from HUD or Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac nearby would be a great find. Council Bluffs IA neighbors Omaha NB just across the Missouri river. Many large food processing companies maintain manufacturing plants in Council Bluffs IA. Since Google set up a server farm on the former site of the Council Bluffs Drive-in Theater, high tech farming has taken a natural hold in the area previously focused on agricultural farming. Smart home buyers will search the foreclosure listings, short sales and home auctions available in Council Bluffs IA to find the best deals.

More centrally located is the state's largest city, Des Moines, Iowa. With population growing regularly over the past 20 years, Des Moines has become a major employer for insurance, financial services and other major corporations. Des Moines also offers the widest variety and the largest inventory of foreclosed homes, pre-foreclosed properties and government owned and repossessed homes for sale in Iowa.

Further east is the second largest city in Iowa: Cedar Rapids. Cedar Rapids IA is home to the largest volume of corn processing in the world, along with substantial meat packaging and oat processing facilities. Cedar Rapids IA offers the second largest inventories statewide of distressed real estate, including REO foreclosures, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and short sales.

Often overlooked by investors, Iowa has plenty of quality bargain real estate choices for those discount home buyers who act quickly.

Iowa Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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