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Foreclosures in Kentucky: Kentucky Foreclosures by County, City, or Zip

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Kentucky is the 37th largest state in total area and ranks 26th in population. Listings of financially distressed housing can be found throughout the state in the form of bank foreclosures, bank owned REO, short sales, home auctions, HUD homes, tax sales, tax liens, pre-foreclosures, and more. The population centers, and the majority of foreclosures, are found in four major metro areas.

Louisville and Lexington foreclosures offer great home buying opportunities. You can also find bargain real estate and low priced homes in Paducah and Bowling Green. All these metro areas have experienced real estate market gains and housing price crashes in recent times. Careful review of local areas can reveal freshly available foreclosures, home auctions, tax sales and even rent to own or owner financing arrangements for consumers with little down payment required or low credit ratings.

RealtyStore's extensive listings of homes for sale include the following number of listings in Kentucky:

Kentucky Foreclosures: 28,912, Kentucky Pre-Foreclosures: 37,422, Kentucky Bank Owned (REO's): 5,677, Kentucky Home Auction: 78, Kentucky Government Foreclosures: 52, Kentucky Tax Liens: 543, Kentucky Owner Financed/Kentucky Rent to own: 411

The selection of low cost homes in Kentucky (some would call them Kentucky "cheap homes") is considerable. This volume of listings of foreclosed home opportunities means there is a good selection of deals available now, but the ability to find great discount priced homes is not as easy in Kentucky as it may seem. Home purchasers need to consider each type of discount home listing and decide which best suits their immediate needs. Do you need a move-in ready foreclosure, or can you wait for an available pre-foreclosure to work through the bank owned process? Could a quick repossessed home auction give you the best deal, or is a Kentucky tax lien your best bet? Be sure to check all types of listings to ensure you don't miss the latest hidden home bargains in your preferred neighborhood!

Here's more information about the state of Kentucky and why you should consider buying a foreclosed or repossessed home and settle down here. Thanks to fertile soil and beautiful open pastures, Kentucky's native bluegrass grows abundantly and provides it the nickname: the "Bluegrass State". High-quality livestock, in particular thoroughbred racing horses, thrive on farms throughout Kentucky's countryside. The state includes interesting and varied resources and environments as well, such as one of the most extensive cave systems in the world, found in Mammoth Cave National Park; two of the largest man-made lakes in the Eastern U.S.; and the longest stretches of navigable rivers and streams in the country. Wildlife is densely populated here, evidenced by the U.S.'s greatest per capita of deer and wild turkey, plus the second largest herd of free-range elk east of the Mississippi River. The Kentucky economy is farm based but diverse with major activity from coal mining, horse breeding, bourbon distillation and distribution, tobacco farming, agriculture, country bluegrass music, and automobile manufacturing.

Kentucky Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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