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Foreclosures in Massachusetts: Massachusetts Foreclosures by County, City, or Zip

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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, simply referred to as Massachusetts, resides in the upper north east corner of the United States. With the decline in agricultural influence, Massachusetts became a leader in education, healthcare and technology. Massachusetts remains one of the oldest and most productive states in America's history.

At the mouth of the Charles River sits Massachusetts largest city and state capital, Boston. The Boston metropolis is the 10th largest in the nation, with over 60% the population of MA being centered around one city. Boston real estate includes urban, suburban and rural regions as well as numerous foreclosure listings in each particular region. Currently, we have short sale, tax deed sales, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac foreclosures, as well as auction homes and pre-foreclosures in Boston and its surrounding areas. At the base of Massachusetts Bay, Boston also has water front foreclosure properties with breath-taking views of the Atlantic, selling for 50% off market value!

Inland, Worcester, the second largest city in the state also offers foreclosed homes in a more rural environment. Due to its central location, Worcester is often referred to as "The Heart of the Commonwealth". Worcester County has nearly 1,000 foreclosure listings with short sales, REO's and pre-foreclosures being the most prominent opportunities to purchase. With a variety of outdoor activities, restaurants and festivals, Worcester makes a wonderful place to buy a foreclosed home.

From rural regions in the west to the more urban and suburban regions of the east, Massachusetts has beautiful landscapes that sweep the entire state and foreclosed homes that overlook the most amazing views, waiting to be purchased! Search our foreclosure listings today and find your dream home in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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