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Foreclosures in Michigan: Michigan Foreclosures by County, City, or Zip

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Michigan real estate is proving to be any real estate investor's dream with foreclosure properties readily available for purchase. Michigan houses all the different types of foreclosures such as tax sale properties, auction homes, REO's (real estate owned) and pre-foreclosures allowing investors to choose what property is best for their needs. With more and more homes entering the foreclosure process, the opportunity for property investors to snatch up cheap properties is at an all-time high.

Residing in Wayne County, Detroit is the largest city in Michigan with a population of nearly one million people. Our foreclosure database shows Detroit, MI has over 4,000 foreclosures, Wayne County has over 8,200 foreclosures and MI in total has nearly 27,000 foreclosures with listing types from auction homes to tax sales. As the 8th largest state by population, Michigan foreclosed home listings are continually growing. Discounted homes are great homes for property investors or for anyone interested in buying homes at extremely low prices!

Michigan's economy and job market relies heavily on consumer purchases. MI is the home of the automobile industry, one of the largest Christmas tree farming operations in the United States, and a leader in copper, iron and furniture production. Along with their strengths in the consumer market, Michigan is the 11th largest state territorially, with hundreds of beaches, the longest fresh water shoreline in the world and the home to the shores of two National lakes.

Our foreclosure database houses over 27,000 foreclosure listings for Michigan and will help you understand what stage of foreclosure each MI home is in (whether it's a bank-owned home, short sale, pre-foreclosure, etc) and what steps to take to buy a foreclosed home. Properties sell quickly - start your search today!

Michigan Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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