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Preforeclosures in Michigan - Michigan Notice of Default and Lis Pendens

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Pre foreclosure in Michigan

Michigan became the 26th state of the Union in 1837. Manufacturing, industry and trade have expanded, securing an economic base for this amazing state. It is bordered by four of the five Great Lakes. A shoreline nearing 3300 miles gives the state the longest shoreline in the continental United States. Pre foreclosure activity is more difficult to track because of the distance between areas.

Property ranges from rugged hills and forests to gentle hills and flatlands. There are also a number of islands, including Drummond and Mackinac. The appeal of living in the wilderness with the comforts of civilization nearby is one of the things that brings people to Michigan. Pre foreclosure properties can be located in any of these areas.

The western rugged, hilly Upper Peninsula includes the thick forests of Porcupine Mountains. The highest point in Michigan, Mt. Arvon, rises 1979 feet above sea level in the Huron Mountains. Going east brings a flatter type of ground and an occasional swamp inland. Cities include Marquette and Sault Ste. Marie. The Lower Peninsula is flat towards the southeastern and eastern shorelines. Heading south brings gentle rolling hills. Traverse City and Grand

Rapids are possible areas for pre foreclosure actions.

Those looking for lakefront homes in Michigan will find them in all shapes and sizes. The inner cities of Roseville, Lansing, and Dearborn have migrated towards townhomes. The advantage is letting city builders build up rather than out. More homes can expand in areas without crowding.

Located in the city of Adrian, Adrian College is a private co-ed liberal arts college. The Detroit area hosts a number of colleges, including Michigan Jewish Institute in the Metro Detroit area. Learning is directed towards training for the future, as well as skills needed in today's world.

Three of the largest employers in Michigan are automobile manufacturers: Ford Motor Co. in Detroit, General Motors Corp. in Dearborn, and Chrysler LLC in Auburn Hills. The University of Michigan is a significant employer in Ann Arbor.

There are plenty of fun things to do in Michigan. Travel to Benton Harbor to visit one of the new wineries in the area. Berrien Springs may capture the interest of those looking for pre foreclosure properties in Michigan. The Greek Revival buildings have been restored to their original midnineteenth century forms. Take a ride on the Little River Railroad's steam-powered locomotive in Coldwater.

Searching for pre foreclosure homes in Michigan is easy when planned ahead. Prospective homeowners should forget about pursuing elusive delinquency notices and rumors about neighbors being in financial trouble. This is a time when immediate action is of major importance.

Accessing a reputable real estate website such as makes research easy. A zip code or area name brings up current pre foreclosure listings that are updated continually. That gives buyers the opportunity to make contact, review the property and negotiate an agreement on a new home in Michigan.

Michigan Pre Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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