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Foreclosures in Minnesota: Minnesota Foreclosures by County, City, or Zip

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Almost 60% of Minnesotans live in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area, commonly referred to as the Twin Cities. With the population density in this area, there are over 4,000 active foreclosure listings from bank foreclosures (REO's) and short sale homes to tax deed sales and auction home properties. With the Twin Cities being such populated area, we're sure you'll find a home and community that fits your needs.

Saint Paul, right next door to Minneapolis, has been Minnesota's state capital since1858. Surrounded by Mississippi and Minnesota rivers, the city's economy and growth are often reliant upon the river ports. The accessibility to water, along with the vast expanse of wilderness allow for growing participation in outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and hiking. With your new home, this wilderness could be right in your backyard!

Also known by the "Land of 10,000 Lakes", Minnesota's name is derived from a word meaning "sky-tinted water". As you may have guessed, Minnesota's got small lakes and waterfronts spread across the entire state. As the 12th largest state by land, Minnesota is known for having some of the most active American citizens who utilize the diverse landscape for outdoor recreational activities.

From prairies and forests to farms and woods, Minnesota is a great place for the outdoor adventurer to buy a home. As one of the healthiest states in the U.S. to the versatile landscape, Minnesota offers homes at discounted rates, in various stages of foreclosure, perfect for any buyer. Take advantage of all the opportunities in Saint Paul, Minneapolis and the entire state of Minnesota by searching over 6,000 foreclosure listings (mainly REO's) and finding your dream home today!

Minnesota Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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