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Foreclosures in Mississippi: Mississippi Foreclosures by County, City, or Zip

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During the early days of its statehood, Mississippi property owners and residents were focused on generating tremendous cotton harvests from plantations and villages fronting the Mississippi river and its many tributaries. Today, the economy is more diverse and the population more wide spread. Among the great forested sections above the Mississippi Delta region, catfish aquaculture farms now produce most of the farm-raised catfish consumed in the entire U.S. As dependence on river bound transportation dropped over the years, population and housing centers grew more centralized and are now clustered in the Jackson, Gulfport and Hattiesburg metro areas. While Mississippi foreclosures are located statewide, most government owned homes for sale in MS can be found in these major metro areas.

Hinds County MS frequently sees Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac sales and HUD foreclosure sales on the market. Closer to the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi's Harrison and Jackson counties bring the greatest volumes of foreclosure listings in Mississippi. Over 400 foreclosures were recently available in Hinds County MS. Another 500 foreclosures are for sale in Harrison County and Jackson County MS. Hundreds of other great deals on homes can be found throughout Mississippi. Because Mississippi posts the lowest costs of living index in the entire U.S. (it ranks 51st in living costs nationwide, including Washington D.C.), your home purchase dollars can go further here than most anywhere else in the country.

Prospects are good for home buyers in Mississippi where discounted home prices can buy your dream home for less than you thought possible. Spacious single family homes, attractive condos and more can be found in Mississippi home auctions, REO property for sale, and even rent to own listings. Buying or moving into a rent to own repossessed home in Mississippi can open the door to home ownership or even real estate investing.

Mississippi presents a very unique opportunity for foreclosed real estate buyers. With lower competition for local MS foreclosures, more homes at better prices than you might expect could be available for you right now. Search foreclosures in Mississippi and see what's waiting for you today!

Mississippi Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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