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Preforeclosures in Missouri - Missouri Notice of Default and Lis Pendens

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Pre foreclosure in Missouri

The Missouri Territory was pared down prior to becoming the 24th state in the Union in 1821.The trimming did not hurt the beautiful area, as it was left with the fertile prairie land on the eastern fringes of the Great Plains. Rivers and streams divide the land into sections. The state has moved in pace with time, yet still features the ambitious goal of reaching for the stars. Visitors search for pre foreclosure residences in the hopes of recognizing their dreams.

The land is diversified. The Osage Plains stretch towards the Kansas border just south of the Missouri River in the west. Scattered woodlands and tall grass cover the prairie. The Ozark Plateau is the main feature of Missouri's southern area. Low mountains and heavily forested hills have lakes, rivers and caves to add to their beauty. One area where pre foreclosure residences are often found is the southeast region bordering Arkansas.

There are over 200 colleges and universities in Missouri. University of Missouri, Columbia is the largest, as well as the oldest, university in the state. Other institutions include Lincoln University and Saint Lewis University.

One of the largest employers is the worldwide headquarters of Hallmark located in Kansas City. Other major employers are Walmart, Boeing Company and Washington University. Several hospitals have created a variety of positions for Missouri residents.

Springfield, Kansas City and Saint Louis are the largest urban areas in Missouri. Those areas are the ideal spot to look for historic Victorian and Colonial homes for sale. Riverfront properties with large parcels of land are available for those wanting a custom built home. Single family homes and modern condos are available in the city areas. There are beautiful farm houses and Victorian-style homes located on farmlands in areas like Buffalo and El Dorado Springs.

There are many fun things to do in between looking at pre foreclosure properties in Missouri. Residents and tourists enjoy visiting Crown Center, the headquarters of Hallmark Cards. Create a wonderful shopping expedition by visiting the theater, restaurants and shops. The Gateway Arch stands 630 feet over the city of St. Louis, promising a view of 30 miles in every direction. One of the best features is the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Founded in 1859, it is an awe-inspiring National Historic Landmark in St. Louis.

A time-consuming part of looking for pre foreclosure homes is finding property in that category. Neither homeowners nor lenders tend to talk about delinquent payments to others. There is no structured timeframe for notification of pending action due to failure to make payments as agreed.

Why spend days searching for a paper trail concerning possible action? Using the computer to review pre foreclosure listings is quick and easy. The important part is searching reputable real estate sites such as Entering a zip code in the search bar could result in turning a possible Missouri homebuyer into a satisfied homeowner.

Missouri Pre Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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