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Foreclosures in New Jersey: New Jersey Foreclosures by County, City, or Zip

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New Jersey, or the "Garden State", offers the foreclosure home buyer or property investor many attractive options. As the most densely populate state, New Jersey has discount housing available in a large number of attractive neighborhoods. The major metro areas of New York City and Philadelphia both border New Jersey, providing both a healthy supply and demand of all types of housing and property. Population density can also create high prices for housing, so those home buyers in New Jersey considering foreclosed, government repossessed homes, tax liens and owner-financing options can find great advantages to get more for their money.

Search through the 40,000 foreclosure listings for New Jersey. Choose a great home purchase deal from the 3,245 REO foreclosures in NJ or 2,134 short sales ready to move. Take action soon on one of New Jersey's 14,000 pre-foreclosures (NOD and Lis Pendens) and you could beat the competition to get the best deal for buying a NJ low priced home. Tax Liens provide a great selection of homes in New Jersey as well. An inventory of 21,000 tax lien listings in NJ present great real estate investment opportunity for those buyers who know where and how to look for hidden bargains.

In New Jersey's Bergen County, you can find terrific bargains on homes with easy access to New York City. Browse through Bergen County NJ 1,400 foreclosure listings, including FNME Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac government repossessed homes for sale and REO foreclosure sales of single family homes and condos. Further downstate, you can become a homeowner near the broad beaches of the Jersey Shore when you choose a hidden gem among the 5,000 homes listed in Ocean County NJ, including many foreclosed, tax lien and rent-to-own homes at discounted prices. Closer to Philadelphia, Burlington County NJ presents 1,000 home purchase deals with short sales and government foreclosed homes. There are many choices across the state but listings change quickly in NJ so act soon before your dream home at a dream price is still within reach in New Jersey.

New Jersey Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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