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Preforeclosures in New York - New York Notice of Default and Lis Pendens

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Pre foreclosure in New York

New York was the 11th of the original 13 colonies to join the Union, obtaining statehood July 26, 1788. Change came early to the state with the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825. The first steamboat line was up and running in good form by then, having started in 1807. Rail service and ferries continue to be a prominent method of transportation between New York and other states. Job benefits and urban living lured people away from the farm and possibility of pre foreclosure. Things looked brighter with the work in metropolitan areas.

Property around New York City often consists more of a certain section of a building rather than an actual piece of land. Intriguing locations like Greenwich Village feature 1 bedroom 1 bath apartments with a chef's kitchen and walk in closet. These co-op elevator buildings house a number of similar units that may encounter pre foreclosure problems. Residents favor this type of community living because it puts shopping, restaurants, cafes and medical services in walking distance.

The fine public colleges and universities in New York State are a direct result of World War II. The GI bill offered affordable higher education to US military personnel returning home from the war. Up to that point New York had only private universities with no room for so many new students. The state created a budget to finance a public university system, such as Long Island University, for those returning heroes.

A myriad of government agencies put government as the top employer throughout the state. The top 2 private employers in Albany are General Electric Co and Albany Medical Center. Kaleida Health and HSBC Bank are the top 2 private employers in Buffalo. Jobs help New York City residents qualify to buy pre foreclosure properties. The top 3 private employers are Wall Street, JP Morgan and Citigroup.

Land throughout the state offers a breathtaking diversity. Lovely waterfront property in Sandy Creek is still available. Passersby might stop just to see the marvelous fall foliage. Beautiful acreage awaits a cabin for relaxing vacations. Dairy farms and horse farms are located near Albany and Amsterdam.

Homes include lovely single-family ranch homes on large lots in Albany. Some even have in-ground pools! Condos deliver sweeping views of the neighborhood. Other remarkable housing includes brick Cape Cod house in Lackawanna and Victorian homes in Buffalo. Fun things like plays, concerts and camping are part of the New York experience.

Value and price in New York pre foreclosure homes changes by region. Prospective homeowners typically make of list to guide their search. Then deciding which properties to look at is easier.

The most important thing to do is pick a trusted real estate website, such as, before entering any search criteria. Once a site is selected, type the city name or zip code into the search box and note the pre foreclosure listings that fit your requirements.

New York Pre Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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