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Foreclosures in North Carolina: North Carolina Foreclosures by County, City, or Zip

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North Carolina posted much higher than average population growth in the first decade of the 21st century. Its 17% growth rate eclipsed the growth of the U.S. overall and established North Carolina as the new 10th most populous state, pulling ahead of New Jersey. With increased population and home building, great home buying opportunities naturally arise. The largest inventory of REO foreclosures, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and HUD homes, and short sales can be found among the six largest NC cities of Charlotte NC, Raleigh NC, Greensboro NC, Durham NC, Winston-Salem NC and Fayetteville NC. These cities and the central third of NC's geography house nearly 66% of North Carolina's residents. Demand for North Carolina's foreclosed homes will be highest in these areas, so be sure to evaluate all types of listings including home auctions, VA foreclosures and even owner financing rent-to-own homes to ensure you can locate the best low cost options in NC.

Some people are surprised at the high level of tourism to North Carolina. NC ranks as the sixth most visited state in the U.S., after FL, CA, NY, NV and PA. This gives another reason why it makes sense to find great home sales in NC through foreclosures and distressed properties listings. Where people visit frequently, they often eventually settle and drive up demand for housing, so your investment in a bargain NC property now can be a profitable venture.

What kinds of foreclosed homes are available in North Carolina? How about searching through 2,000 foreclosure listings in Charlotte NC, which shows many government repossessed homes. Single family homes, townhouses and condominiums may be found in the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac homes and HUD foreclosure sales. Reasonable offers may be accepted so name a price that works best for your budget.

In Raleigh-Durham NC, you will find the famous Research Triangle where over 170 companies and federal agencies conduct ongoing scientific research. This makes the area a great choice for home buyers, so find your amazing deal on a discount home among hundreds of REO foreclosures, short sales and owner financed or rent to own homes on the market in Raleigh-Durham NC.

These areas are just one small sample of the wide selection of North Carolina locations with available budget priced homes. Home prices in NC are subject to rise so search for your best low priced deal on a foreclosed home now.

North Carolina Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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