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Preforeclosures in North Dakota - North Dakota Notice of Default and Lis Pendens

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Pre foreclosure in North Dakota

Part of the Dakota Territory, North Dakota was admitted to the Union on the same day as South Dakota: November 2, 1889. There remains an unresolved argument about which is the 39th and which is the 40th state. A booming economy has held back pre foreclosure activity. Farms continue to grow in prosperity. The oil boom has led to one of the lowest overall unemployment rates in the nation.

Certain types of jobs are in demand because of the oil-rich lands, drawing a number of people to North Dakota in search of work. Hopeful homeowners anticipate finding pre foreclosure residences in an attempt to get a lower price for living arrangements.

North Dakota is divided into four regions. The Red River Valley is flat with extremely fertile soil. It borders Minnesota. Livestock, wheat and other crops are economic sources in this area. The Drift Prairie has both hilly and flat regions with rich soil. North America's geographic center is located near Rugby, a town in the north central portion of the state. Many lakes and streams are found in this location.

The Missouri Plateau has the highest areas of the state, with some hills reaching from 2000 to 3000 feet elevation. Coal and oil deposits are in this area. Deep carved valleys and canyons form the Badlands, located in the southwestern corner of the Missouri Plateau. White Butte is the highest point in North Dakota. It stands 3,506 feet above sea level in the Badlands.

Jamestown College, located in Jamestown, was founded prior to statehood and is the oldest college or university in North Dakota. The University of North Dakota, a public research university, is located in Grand Forks. Students and their families often look for pre foreclosure properties near employment and school.

There are various jobs within the state, many created by large employers. Forum Communications, located in Fargo, specializes in the media industry. North Dakota Mill and Elevator, located in Grand Forks is the largest flour mill in the United States. Sanford Health is headquartered in Sioux Falls.

Houses include single-family two story homes with vinyl sidings and an attached garage. Townhomes rise above the garage. Farmhouses are common in many areas. Some breathtaking estates have been built with care to customized requests.

Some of the fun things to do in North Dakota include rodeos and fairs. Competitive golf courses lure players from across the world. Hunting and fishing are other outdoor activities that provide excitement and entertainment.

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