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Preforeclosures in Ohio - Ohio Notice of Default and Lis Pendens

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Pre foreclosure in Ohio

Ohio was part of the Northwest Territory prior to becoming the 17th state of the Union in 1803. The urban sprawl since statehood places it among the 10 most densely populated states. Airports, highways and river traffic have made the state a major thoroughfare for sending cargo around the country or to Canada.

Diversified areas give potential homeowners in Ohio a variety of pre foreclosure land from which to choose. Farmlands and hunting properties are available for those looking for homes included with business opportunities. Large condos and townhomes provide a wonderful home away from home for commuters. Single family properties include stucco two-story structures and ranch homes with wood siding.

One reason homebuyers consider pre foreclosure opportunities in Ohio is that it is a great place to live. Good weather and an upbeat style of life are found around the state. Columbus is the state capital and home of 4 universities, including Ohio State University.

Some of the biggest employers in the state include the Cleveland Clinic Health System and Giant Eagle with its food and grocery centers. Insurance companies provide employment in several categories. Pre foreclosure properties may be purchased by employees of the various businesses in Ohio.

Students at Cleveland State University have a number of ways to use their free time, including a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Those at the University of Dayton might opt to visit the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Lake Erie Shore is one of Ohio’s top travel destinations for tourists and locals alike. The 100 mile stretch of sand and a wide variety of resorts and stores provide hours of fun.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame provides a look at the Lombardi Trophy. No matter what team a person favors, the replica super bowl rings, game balls, and helmets of the Hall of Famers are a memorable sight. Adams County is 60 miles southeast of Cincinnati. It provides hiking trails such as the trail that loops around Great Serpent Mound. Quaint country inns and homes add to the fun of exploring.

Ohio pre foreclosure homes are often the solution for relocating in a convenient area. Hopeful homebuyers know single family homes near schools and stores are hard to find. Negotiating with owners looking for a way out of a financial dilemma resolves both problems.

Exploring three or four homes in an area provides choices and comparisons. Online pre foreclosure listings on reputable real estate websites like can be accessed by location or zip code. This current data benefits prospective Ohio home buyers.

Ohio Pre Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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