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RealtyStore is the leader in publishing pre foreclosure lists. Our preforeclosure database includes homes listed under either a notice of default or lis pendens. These can represent some of the best bargain opportunities available in distressed real estate. For a home owner in default, the best option is often to sell the home quickly to avoid continued pressure and financial distress.

Selling a preforeclosure home quickly allows the homeowner to avoid the consequences of a full foreclosure. The long-term consequences of foreclosure include a severely negative effect on the defaulted homeowner's credit history. This will make it difficult to establish new forms of credit for years to come. Buyers benefit by immediately realizing potential equity that exists in a preforeclosure. With the right negotiation strategy, it is possible to buy these homes far below current market value.

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Since preforeclosures are not yet formally listed for sale, they are not easy to identify without searching individual public records. RealtyStore has automated this process to make searching pre foreclosure lists quick and easy. Search locally or in any area of interest nationwide. We help you find the most recent preforeclosures by state. Search the state of your choice now to see the lastest notice of default or lis pendens listings available now.

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