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Preforeclosures in Rhode Island - Rhode Island Notice of Default and Lis Pendens

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Pre foreclosure in Rhode Island

The last of the 13 colonies to gain statehood, Rhode Island became the 13th state on May 20, 1790. The state has changed considerably since its beginnings. From an economy built on trade and shipping, it moved into industrial production. Today it reflects professional services, education and health care. Banking and other types of financial actions also provide employment that defers some pre foreclosure activity in the state.

The highest point in Rhode Island is 872 feet above sea level. Much of the state is a low flatland. The natural beauty of the area changes by location. Some areas have thick woodlands. Others have waterways, and still others feature beautiful sandy beaches beside the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the reasons people like owning property in Rhode Island is that it provides many areas that help them keep fit. Walking, jogging or biking along trails and parkways provides exercise and scenery in a relatively safe location. This holds true for locals or visitors considering purchasing pre foreclosure properties.

Washington County, sometimes referred to as South County, is in the southernmost portion of Rhode Island. Waterfront property abounds in that area. Adorable summer cottages vie with luxury homes and Victorian estates. Relaxed living and lots of recreation add appeal to small towns like Green Hill and Weekapaug.

One of the best known schools in Rhode Island is Brown College. Other colleges to mention include Providence University and the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. Most of the colleges and universities in the state are private. Newport hosts the Naval War College.

The state and federal governments are two of the largest employers in the state, reducing the number of pre foreclosure properties because of relatively stable jobs. With centers in Providence and Cumberland, Lifespan is another major employer. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence is another significant source of jobs.

Single family homes are the norm for this small state. Vinyl or wood siding is quite common. Two-story townhomes and beautiful condominiums are also typical homes encountered when sightseeing or shopping for real estate in Rhode Island.

Fishing is a favorite activity. The Butterfly Zoo is also fun to visit. Others enjoy the outdoor mall with umbrellas for sale, in addition to specialty shops and taverns.

The state capital of Providence is in the North Eastern corner of the state. Pawtucket is in the same area. Bristol is part of the central area., while Westerly is located in the South area.

The easiest way to discover pre foreclosure homes in Rhode Island is using the search technique at A trusted real estate internet site, it has a specific section for current pre foreclosure listings. Prospective homebuyers want to know about the status of emergency services and response time. Type the city name or zip code into the search bar for quick results to start house hunting.

Rhode Island Pre Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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