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Preforeclosures in South Carolina - South Carolina Notice of Default and Lis Pendens

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Pre foreclosure in South Carolina

One of the original 13 colonies, South Carolina became the 8th state on May 23, 1788. There have been many changes to keep the economy on the rise. Cotton farmers have upgraded to higher paying crops. The region as a whole has changed its emphasis to textiles. A flat corporate tax rate of five percent invites businesses to the state. Other business tax breaks encourage more economical advantages and less pre foreclosure action.

Land features in South Carolina start with green valley and low mountains. Included are forests, majestic lakes and waterways. It is no wonder that hopeful homeowners seek pre foreclosure prospects in an attempt to get a good bargain on a nice home. The opportunity for employment, variety of work, and excellent business opportunities are just some of the reasons people want to live in this state.

The influx of business has resulted in a higher demand for housing. Competition for finding pre foreclosure properties first is no surprise. An increased need for skilled and non-skilled workers makes housing at a premium. Nearly 85 percent of South Carolina jobs are service related.

Some of the areas that people choose to call home are Columbia, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and Hilton Head Island. There is a large selection of antebellum homes and waterfront properties. Other styles of homes include Colonial, brick, and beach cottages. Full basements are common features. Magnolia and palmetto trees are popular forms of landscaping.

Education is very important within the state. Two of the universities include Clemson University, located in Clemson and Furman University, located in Greenville. The Charleston School of Law is a private law school in Charleston.

Major employers include Piggly Wiggly, Target and Walmart. Carrying the supplies needed by residents and visitors is good business sense, as well as a considerate gesture of concern.

There are many ways to have fun in South Carolina. Amusement parks and hot air balloons are always enjoyable. Myrtle Beach is a playground for all ages. Parasailing and scuba diving are a few of the water sports guests will enjoy. Casinos feature live entertainment ranging from comedy to rock and roll.

Potential homeowners quickly find out that few people like to discuss financial problems. Pre foreclosure homes in South Carolina sometimes remain unnoticed until the situation grows beyond delinquent into default. There is little supporting documentation prior to that point that draws notice from others.

One way to search for homes with owners willing to deal on delinquent property is to access data at It is very important to search pre foreclosure listings from legitimate, trustworthy sites.'s professional experts search data and update records constantly. That results in easy to access data for hopeful buyers.

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