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Preforeclosures in South Dakota - South Dakota Notice of Default and Lis Pendens

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Pre foreclosure in South Dakota

Formerly a part of the Dakota Territory, South Dakota entered the Union on November 2, 1889, the same date as North Dakota. There is some disagreement as to which state was admitted first. One is the 39th state while the other is the 40th. The state gets an economic boost from tourism. South Dakota is a major producer of sunflower seeds and sunflower oil. Each farming area produces the excellent agricultural items that fit the territory.

South Dakota features three regions. The Eastern Region has fertile soil used for farming. The Western Region leans more towards ranching. The Black Hills are low mountains covered with pine. People like living in South Dakota because of the variety of land and lifestyles. Visitors sometimes travel to the state to seek out pre foreclosure bargains.

The major employers vary in the services they perform. Ellsworth Air Force Base is located in Piedmont. IBP Hog Market Inc. is headquartered in Dakota Dunes. Rapid City is home to Rapid City Regional Hospital.

Dakota State University is a public university in Madison. There is also a school to teach the technology of mining.

The most popular tourist attraction in the state is Mt. Rushmore. The faces are carved into the Black Hills. Another way to have fun in South Dakota is by visiting the Reptile Gardens in Rapid City. Besides a variety of reptiles, there are lush gardens to admire. A multitude of flowers provides delight to viewers. Spiders, exotic birds and amphibians live among the plants. Four miles from the Northeast entrance to Badlands National Park is the Minuteman Missile National Historic Park.

A number of visitors travel to South Dakota for camping, hiking and skiing. Time is frequently taken to look over pre foreclosure leads received from websites such as, a professional real estate presence on the Internet.

Looking at homes is an entertaining way to pass the time. Sioux Falls has homes for the first time homebuyer to the more seasoned homebuyer. It is an excellent location to search for pre foreclosure properties. Ranch and contemporary styles are quite popular. Stucco, hardwood and brick are some of the featured exterior finishes. Amenities include basements, decks, and balconies.

Many of the homes in Rapid City feature log, vinyl or wood exteriors. Waterfront properties and homes nestled on the edge of the forest appeal to those considering a home purchase. Conventional homes in populated neighborhoods go up for sale at times.

Sturgis, home to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, offers a variety of styles ranging from A-frame to ranch houses. Many homes are placed on large parcels of land.

Check for pre foreclosure homes in South Dakota on a trusted website like first. The site is updated on a regular basis. That procedure provides easy access and accurate pre foreclosure listings. Finding additional information about any home being considered for purchase helps the prospective buyer know if the home fits the needs of the family.

South Dakota Pre Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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