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Foreclosures in Washington: Washington Foreclosures by County, City, or Zip

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As the emerald jewel of the U.S. Pacific Northwest, there is no mistaking the state of Washington's nickname of "the evergreen state". Though the state boasts beautiful, deep rain forests in the western region, central mountain ranges featuring the massive Mount Rainier, and semi-desert and agricultural plains to the East, nearly 60% of the state's population resides in Seattle WA metropolitan region. Seattle is a great spot to find the latest listings of bargain priced homes in Washington. Seattle and neighboring Tacoma are highly desirable homeownership locations in Washington. And REO foreclosures and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac government home repossessions dominate the listings of cheap housing in Washington state.

Seattle WA and Tacoma WA are attractive places to search for low priced homes because they offer access to the main employers in software development, biotechnology, aviation and wood and forest products produced in Washington. Washington's per capita income is high enough to place it in the top 10 of U.S. states. This level of wealth makes an attractive market for home investors and bargain house purchases in Washington state. Some great deals on homes for sale in Washington could be found in home auctions in Seattle WA, Tacoma WA and Spokane WA. Washington has 11,135 home auction listings active and available for smart real estate buying.

Short sales and HUD foreclosures are also readily available in Washington state. Vancouver WA, Olympia WA and Everett WA each may give buyers the best bargains by searching the often overlooked short sales and HUD foreclosed home listing categories. Just because bank auctions, government owned property (HUD homes, FNME and Freddie Mac homes), and owner financed homes are not listed in traditional real estate sites doesn't mean they aren't readily available for the smartest buyers to snatch up. Search our database now to see how easy we make it to find these hard to find foreclosure listings in Washington and you can find a home of your dreams at a low price today that you might not see again tomorrow.

Washington Foreclosures Listings by County, Cities and ZIP Codes

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