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Home Security Information and Tips

Home security has always been a very important element in home ownership. Whether you rent an apartment, live in a condominium or townhouse, or whether you live in a large standalone house in a rural area, keeping your home safe should be a priority. With today's uncertain economy coupled with more and more homes containing high-tech items, burglaries and home invasions are on the rise. It is essential for people to ensure that their home, its contents, and their family stays safe and prevents these types of crimes from happening. There are several ways you can protect your home, including upgrading specific door and window locks, installing home security systems, utilizing neighborhood watch programs, or even purchasing a firearm to keep your family safe. Throughout history, people have guarded their homes from robbers. This tradition continues with new methods of home security.

Door and Window Locks


Doors and windows should remain locked if you are not at home. Door locks should consist of deadbolts at the front door, and protective bars installed at sliding glass doors. Be sure all pet doors are secured when you go to bed or leave home, and install window locks both up and downstairs. Make sure the locks are strong and that everyone in the family can easily lock them. Don't forget to lock up garage doors as well to prevent car theft or entry to your home through the garage.

Alarms, Sensors, and Cameras


Installing an alarm system in your home is a great way to prevent burglaries. Cameras installed outside of your home and using a CCTV monitoring system is also a great way to monitor what is happening inside and outside of your home. Inexpensive window sensors are also great to help keep tabs on unwanted entry into the home. All of these things are designed to alert you and local police of potential break ins, and to deter criminals.

Neighborhood Watch Programs


If you do not have a neighborhood watch program in your community, consider starting one. These programs work with local law enforcement to help keep communities safe. The motto is to observe any unusual or potentially criminal activity, and then report it immediately to the police. A neighborhood watch program works well because it encourages neighbors to look out for one another and create a police presence to help deter burglaries, thefts and other crimes.

  • NNWI – Home page for the National Neighborhood Watch Institute.
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  • Purpose of Neighborhood Watch – Explains the reason for a neighborhood what it can do for the community.
  • Building Trust – Information about how these programs build trust between citizens and police.
  • Example – This page serves as an example of how one community's crime level dropped as a result of the program.



A home safe is a great way to ensure your valuables stay secure. If someone does happen to break into your home, the safe can help keep them from taking valuable or even priceless items like jewelry, paperwork, or guns. Safes are designed to withstand fires and break-ins. They are an excellent and fairly inexpensive way to be sure the things you cannot replace don't get taken from your home.

General Home Security Tips & Burglary Statistics


You should use good common sense when it comes to keeping your home secure. Install motion lights at both the front and back of your home so people will be aware that someone is always home. Never leave your doors unlocked even if you're home. Always instill good home security habits in your children as well. If you go on vacation, have someone house-sit or at least check in on your home so people do not know you're away. The number of home invasions is on the rise and this is mostly due to harsh economic times. Find out your local area's crime statistics so you can be aware of what is going on around you, and so you can be properly prepared and ensure your home stays safe and secure.

Overall Personal Safety – Utilize these tips to keep yourself, your home, or apartment and belongings safe.

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