Top 10 Best Cities to Live in Colorado for 2022

Live in Colorado, and you can expect to enjoy the beautiful landscape. From mountains, forests to canyons and deserts. It can be hard to know which city is the best to live in with so much to choose from. We can help with that. Here are the top 10 cities to live in Colorado for 2021.

1. Boulder, CO

It contains a mixture of young professionals, families, and students, thanks to it being the home of the University of Colorado. It is packed full of recurring music festivals, excellent restaurants, and shops along Pearl Street Mall, an outdoor shopping experience. 

While it offers many outdoor activities to its residents, from hiking, climbing, and biking, it doesn’t provide room for the city to grow. Because of this, housing comes at a premium. This city receives more than 300 days of sunshine every year and has easy access to all of its hot spots. 

2. Castle Rock, CO

A short drive from Denver, Castle Rock has seen some recent growth in its population and its employment status. You will also find it has easy access to the mountains to the west and offers a great overlook of the Colorado valley. 

Castle Rock is perfect for young professionals and families alike for those who like to be close to the city but prefer living outside of it. It has plenty of shopping, including the Castle Rock Outlets and antique shops located at The Barn. Still, it is also well-known for its outdoor activities. Did you know that Casle Rock, CO has over +200 homes for sale. Don't for get to figure out how much home you can afford.

3. Denver, CO

The capital city was easy to include, mainly if you are young and love to drink beer. It falls in the top five for breweries and bars and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. You will also love to live here if you are an avid sport’s fan, with the Rockies, Avalanche, Broncos, and Nuggets all calling Denver their home. 

But Denver isn’t all about sports; they are also known for their seven art districts. And residents love spending time at the Red Rocks Amphitheater as well as skiing in the great outdoors. If you are looking for a faster-pasted city to live in, be sure to check Denver out. 

4. Colorado Springs, CO

More affordable than Denver, as mentioned above. Colorado Springs offers its residents a friendly small-town feel with plenty of accessible outdoor space. This city is located at a higher elevation, so you will want to remember that sometimes that means harsher winters than others situated in the Front Range.

While much of its employment is based around the U.S. Air Force Academy, with restaurants, local shops, and bars, you can also find work in the retail sector. Outdoor adventurists will love the many natural rock formations and get a fantastic view from Pikes Peak of the entire city. 

5. Fort Collins, CO

With its downtown as the model for Disneyland’s Main Street USA, Fort Collins is both quaint and familiar to those who visit. It has a lot to offer, from its craft beer, there are over 20 breweries in town, to its local shops. 

If you are into whitewater rafting, you can visit the Cache la Poudre. Another college town, you will find it filled with a youthful vitality with a mix of historical feel thanks to its national historic district. Still, you may also love to explore its hiking and biking trails.

6. Lakewood, CO

This city, also close to Denver, allows for city amenities and access to the great outdoors. Bear Creek Lake Park lets its residents explore nature through hiking, camping, swimming, and even on its equestrian trails. 

Residents also spend their time shopping, in the Belmar Downtown Shopping District, with 80 shops and 20 restaurants and bars. With a great mix of festivals, art scenes, and music, this city is full of culture. And don’t forget you’ll have access to its many golf courses; this city is above par for the course. For all of these reason, this is why Lakewood made it on the Top 10 Best Cities to Live in Colorado

7. Pueblo, CO

Located in the High Desert of Colorado, it offers employment to those who live in the city and those who live in Colorado Springs. People come far and wide to visit the Pueblo Reservoir, where they kayak, swim, and watch nature at its finest. 

Here, you will find affordable living and housing, with flatlands and western mountain views. A mix of both cultures, with its delicious spicy food, and unique history entertaining its locals. It’s no wonder Pueblo draws people in thanks to its charm. 

8. Loveland, CO

If you are looking to raise a family, then put Loveland on your list of places to live. Not only does it have a great public school system, but there are also lots of great activities and events for families. With a low unemployment rate and a lower cost of living, residents have an easy commute to Denver. 

Locals love the outdoors, and Loveland has plenty to do. With the Rockies to the west and the plains to the east, it offers the best of both worlds. There is plenty to eat, plenty of up-and-coming local craft brewers, plus the local art scene to explore. 

9. Aurora, CO

Many come to live in Aurora for its excellent job market, either in the tech, military, or healthcare sector. Colorado’s third-largest city has a bustling city feel that still offers its residents plenty of hiking trails, a reservoir beach, and a thriving art scene. 

Locals love to take a relaxing day on the golf course or spend time at the multi-use Sports Park. Aurora is also home to many pro sports teams, from football to hockey. If you enjoy hot summers with a balance of cold winters, be sure to check Aurora out.  

10. Grand Junction, CO

While much of Colorado is known for its craft breweries, Grand Junction is the hub of Colorado’s wine country. It has access to many outdoor activities and wildlife, from rivers to biking trails. Locals love to head out to the Colorado National Monument with red sandstone monoliths and canyons.

It does have a higher crime rate than some of our other mentioned cities. Still, it offers excellent restaurants, shops, and farmer’s markets. It has hot days with cool nights, an excellent combination for staying active. Residents will find jobs in the retail and healthcare market, with the highest paying jobs in mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction.