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The time is now for real estate agents to grow their presence in their markets. RealtyStore is helping them do just that.

Santa Barbara, CA - July 26, 2012 - RealtyStore, the leader in providing the broadest range of real estate listing types nationwide, announces a redesign of its website, featuring innovative upgrades and enhancements focused on bringing additional added value to real estate agents, home buyers and real estate investors.

Since 2005, RealtyStore has always stood for bringing value to its user base of home buyers looking for the best home purchase opportunities across the country. Doing so has earned RealtyStore a large following of over 3 Million users visiting RealtyStore’s webpages and affiliated websites every month.

A Growing Network of Agents

In response to requests from home buyers and sellers seeking assistance from local real estate agents, RealtyStore launched its proprietary RealtyStore Pro network, which enables qualified real estate professionals to gain visibility in front of 3 Million self-selected home buyers nationwide. Thousands of real estate agents have joined the RealtyStore Pro network, making it a key aspect of the website and user experience. The RealtyStore Pro network is currently open to all real estate professionals and continues to grow in membership.

Real estate agents saw tough times for the last four years. During this time, smart agents have sought new, effective, yet inexpensive ways to connect with home buyers and sellers, and many have found the solutions they need with RealtyStore Pro. Now that the market has finally turned, these early adopters are collecting the fruit of their foresight. “I am about to close on my first deal this Friday. I am very happy with their services, and I will continue to refer them to my other friends that are realtors,” says Yolanda Jones, a new RealtyStore Pro member from Spring, Texas.

I am about to close on my first deal this Friday. I am very happy with their services, and I will continue to refer them to my other friends that are realtors.

Rising prices across many markets, and a shrinking inventory of listed homes – of both MLS listings and foreclosures – point to a recovering housing market. “According to agents who are leveraging RealtyStore’s ‘post your listing’ feature, listings have begun to move faster,” says Tim Chin, CEO of RealtyStore. Mr. Chin continued, “The time is now for real estate agents to grow their presence in their markets. RealtyStore is here to help them do just that”.

Benefits for Real Estate Agents

The new, redesigned RealtyStore website provides real estate agents new features and benefits, including:

Broad Social Networking

The upgraded site allows real estate agents to connect their RealtyStore profile with their favorite social networks, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

High Quality Blog Content

The new site features an extensive real estate blog, with blog posts submitted directly by real estate agents. The blog is updated constantly, but is limited to posts of high quality content. This ensures that all agents appear under the highest quality standards. Users can readily discuss the blog posts on their favorite social networking sites, thus leading to more exposure for the real estate agents.

Visibility for Authors

Agents posting high quality blog content will be featured on the website, including on the homepage. Blog posts also feature the author’s personal picture and a contact form to help develop an agent’s personal brand and grow connections.

Increased Exposure

Real estate agents can develop a comprehensive RealtyStore Pro profile using a number of on-site tools designed to help them gain the exposure that they are looking for. In addition, agents are able to post their listings directly on the RealtyStore website to reach RealtyStore’s extensive audience of active, engaged home buyers.

ZIP Code Targeting

Agents may select a territory to target their personal promotion on the new RealtyStore site. A territory can contain one or multiple ZIP code areas. Agent promotion is made specific to those areas as users search listings and content on the RealtyStore site.

A Better Value for Home Buyers

Home buyers equally benefit from the new features: They can now find the most relevant articles, the most useful advice straight on the homepage; they have access to even more home listings, and they can interact with knowledgeable agents who can help them find the home of their dreams.

About RealtyStore

RealtyStore (, a division of Nations Info Corporation, is the leading provider of foreclosure listings and discount property data nationwide. RealtyStore's mission is to empower its customers with the tools, education and analysis required to identify and potentially maximize profits with undervalued real estate. Collected from hundreds of public and private sources, RealtyStore's proprietary database includes over 1 million listings including pre foreclosures, foreclosures, short sales, tax defaults and rent to own or owner financed listings. As the foreclosure listings industry leader, is the most visited foreclosure website. also offers real estate professionals the best value in agent marketing and lead generation through its RealtyStore Pro service.

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