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... I’ve been using for the past few months. I’m a mortgage banker in New York City and I have found...
Bronx, NY
What I like about the website is I’m getting leads! And these are good leads, and hopefully we’re closing a couple real...
Olney, MD
I really have enjoyed using the Realty Pro Store.  I’ve had great success from it.  All the leads have valid...
Blythewood, South Carolina
I like the way is set up. It’s imperative that you do visit your e-mail daily because you never know...
J. Randle Jackson
Birmingham, AL
The leads I'm getting from are turning out to be better than any leads I’ve gotten from any other...
Adrian Young
Lancaster, PA

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As prices increases big investors slow down their buying spree, the peak was summer 2013, this can provide home buyers more opportunities of get their offer accepted. But no all markets are the same, Florida, for example, leads the nation with the highest foreclosure inventory,...
If you have wondered and questioned why your homeowner's insurance has increased, you are not alone.Florida 1st party claims for damages to a home have increased for several reasons. Leaking pipes from polybutylene piping (that law suit has settled and most carriers are starting...
Mortgage rates are getting higher but not drastically so. “I don’t think there’s any reason to panic,” says Keith Gumbinger, vice president of mortgage rate tracker “Buying a home will be somewhat more expensive, but I don’t think it’s going to be a matter of ‘Oh, I’m...
The purchase and subsequent sale of your home will most likely be the most important financial transaction of your life. In order to insure the smooth and proper handling of such a transaction, both the seller and purchaser should each consult with an attorney of their own...
I'm going to write a series of blogs about the process of buying a home. The first step is selecting an agent. You've decided to buy a home, so you start searching the internet for your next dream home. You find it. You call the list agent. You go look at the home. Now what?...
“An optimist figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster; it’s more like the cha-cha.” – Robert Brault. My wife oft accuses me of being a pessimist and I admit that I must constantly fight against that unfortunate natural predisposition....
Slowly but surely, we’re seeing more and more metropolitan areas return to pre-recession activity levels, giving more steam to the housing recovery at the national level and more confidence in housing overall. In its latest data release, the National Association of Home Builders...
We often think that remodeling and kitchen or a bathroom is the best way to earn a return on our investment, especially when selling a home. If we could be sure that the potential buyer of our home has our exact same tastes and/or our home is extremely outdated, then it...
The big buzz this week everywhere is the Government Shutdown and how will it affect everyone, especially the Home Buyer. Many seem to think this will be very detrimental to the housing market and it could be if it lasts for any great length of time, but if it is short lived, it...
Read more here: Homeowners who were laid off and lost their homes to foreclosure could qualify for a new mortgage in as little as a year under an unprecedented federal rule change that slashes the usual...


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Richard Realty
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Baird & Warner
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