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Hello. My name is Charlotte Lacy. I am married and have three grown children and eight grandchildren, all but one are girls. My daughter is in real estate with me and, as of this summer, my one and only grandson will join us in the Real Estate Industry. My mother was an excellent Realtor who was named "Realtor of the Year" more than once in Lubbock, TX. My dad was a very gifted builder. Both were as honest as the day is long. They passed the thought that one should treat others as they desire to be treated along to my two brothers and me.
I do other things than just work. I love to ride horses. I have just picked the cello up once again after many years and am teaching myself to play both a keyboard and an organ, left to me by my mother. When I have fifteen minutes, you will find me reading. Sometimes the internet is my downfall because I do love to research various and sundry subjects. Also, I am a two time cancer survivor, pancreatic tumor survivor, and a survivor of a heart attack. I have used most of my nine lives!! I suppose it is good I have a strong constitution, which serves me well when negotiating contracts. My biggest assets besides my wonderful family, are lots of sweet warm friends. I have one wonderful friend that just celebrated her 100th birthday. She is my hero. The thing what has carried me through my life is my faith. I have no idea how people who have no belief, survive. I will now close the pulpit!

I am an excellent buyer's agent because, if someone can draw me a mental picture of what they are looking for, I can find the right home. One of my customers told me that when she walked into the right home, she instinctively took her shoes off. She told me what she wanted, we walked into the house, and off her shoes came. I looked at her and said, "Well, it looks as if it might be time to initial a contract." I learned Real Estate by osmosis and it fits me like a glove. I guess, because home means so much to me, it is a great love for me to help a single, a couple, or a famiy to find their home. Let me help you find yours. I know my areas very well. I saw most of them grow from one house to a complete subdivision. You can rely on me.

My Qualifications

I have been a Broker since 1978, and have a GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute), an RMS (Residential Marketing Specialist), and a couple of other designations that follow my name on my card. There are three schools regarding foreclosures I have attended, one of which is the Donald Trump School, Robert Kyosyki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) school, and a third one is a "nuts and bolts" pure Real Estate course.
In the years since 1978, I have seen almost every situation you can think of that could happen so not much shocks me and these things have taught me how to handle most situations. For five years, I left the Residential Real Estate to be a lone officer. It did not fit me as well as Real Estate, so I returned to the Real Estate field. Although I did not enjoy the lending business, but it did allow me to understand some of the mechanics of repairing credit and knowing the lending programs and how to qualify my customer and how much home for which they can qualify. If you do not have some type of knowledge of how to finance a home or how much the customer can qualify for, how is an agent going to help someone buy or sell a home?
I am a member of ABOR (Austin Board of Realtors), TAR (Texas Association of Realtors) NAR (National Association of Realtors).

My Background

My background has ALWAYS been in Real Estate and it fits me. I love helping people. What better way can you help others than by finding them the perfect "nest" for themselves or themselves and their family.
I am a native Texan, but had four great great grandfathers in the Oklahoma Land Rush. So I am part "Okie",but a true Texan. I am German, Irish, Dutch, and Cherokee.

Born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, I attended Texas Tech. In 1978, I got my Broker's license and started my career in Amarillo, TX, with Larry Brown Realtors. In 1979, I moved to Basking Ridge, New Jersey and worked with Weichert Realtors, the second largest Real Estate Company in the nation. In the first four months, I sold $2M in Real Estate. Even my note pads said, "Bet your boots I'm a Texan. People there could not remember my name, but they could remember that I was from Texas. That is the reason people wanted to work with me.
In 1982, my husband brought us back to Austin and I have been in the Real Estate business in one way or another except for a span of five years that I was public relations and the legislative liason for the Nova Stun Gun. I traveled all over the nation speaking to legislators and senators
I was previleged to even speak with Mayor Koch and the New York City Council. One councilman was an unknown by the name of Rudy Juliane! I have had one adventure after another, but I am most comfortable in Real Estate. It is, after all, my Passion.

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