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RealtyStore's Realty Guide - Information and Resources for Foreclosure and Bargain Home Buyers

What You Need to Know About Foreclosures and Cheap Homes for Sale

At RealtyStore, we believe knowledge is critical to achieving success in today's real estate market. This is especially true when dealing with foreclosures and other types of bargain home transactions. Our Realty Guide has been created to help you acquire that knowledge quickly and easily - all in one location.

The RealtyStore Foreclosure Tutorial is an ideal place to start. It is appropriate for all levels of homebuyers, from first time homebuyers to seasoned real estate investors. The tutorial gives you insights of the entire foreclosure process, with tips explaining how to buy a foreclosed home. All types of distressed property are covered, including pre foreclosures, home auctions, bank owned properties, government repossessed homes, short sales, tax sales, and more.

In addition, the guide reviews important details on Foreclosure Laws. Laws and processes may vary from state to state, so our guide is comprehensive and covers key aspects of individual state foreclosure law.

A Smart Deal Guide is also included as part of the Realty Guide. Smart Deals are those hidden gems available, but often overlooked, in the overall real estate market. Sometimes, what looks like a cheap home for sale is not necessarily a great deal. We give you a how-to guide to spot true smart deals and ideas on how to profit from them.

Finally, a Foreclosure Glossary is included as a useful companion to the Realty Guide. The glossary focuses on common foreclosure terminology, plus other helpful real estate definitions that you may come across during your search for a dream home.