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Chapter 11: Getting in Touch with Rent to Own Sellers

One of the trickiest parts of the rent to own process is getting in touch sellers offering rent to own homes for purchase. It is best to begin this process by searching through listings of lease option properties, which buyers may easily do at Starting on the right foot with homebuyers will make the rest of the process much easier for homebuyers. The following tips offer great advice for homebuyers that can be used when contacting rent to own sellers with success.

Initial Contact

When making the initial contact with the seller, making a good impression is essential. This contact offers buyers the ability find out more about the available property. While it is not the time for a heavy pitch to purchase the home, it is imperative for the potential to strike up a friendly conversation with the seller. In most cases, buyers may reach the seller by making a phone call. With their future homeownership prospects in the balance, buyers may feel a bit nervous when making that first call.

Prospective buyers should introduce themselves, state that they are interested in the home and ask the seller for more information on the home. Buyers may even want to ask sellers if they can meet to discuss the home further and if it is possible to take a tour of the home. Being polite and kind can go a long way when making this initial contact with the seller.

Building Rapport

Building a solid rapport with the homeowner offers great benefits and may provide a better chance at being accepted as a homebuyer. Not only should homebuyers work to make a good first impression, but they should work to build rapport at every meeting and within every conversation with the seller. This helps to establish good communication aids in constructing a benevolent connection with the property seller. Buyers should act friendly and show their interest in the property when speaking with the seller.

Of course, individuals should avoid pressuring the seller in any way, since this could hurt their chances of being chosen to purchase the home. Simply being friendly and kind can go a long way when dealing with the seller. Keep in mind that most sellers will have several people interested in the home at one time. Homebuyers need to stand out, showing they are serious about the property and homeownership.

Potential lease option buyers should avoid pressuring the rent-to-own seller in any way.

The Power of Persistence

When buyers contact sellers of rent to own homes, persistence can really pay off. After speaking with the seller, homebuyers may want to contact the seller again in a few days if they have not heard back from them. While individuals should avoid being annoying and contacting the seller too often, there are great benefits to being persistent.

Being willing to go the extra mile and pursuing the lease option home shows that buyers are serious about purchasing the home. Sellers want to work with serious homebuyers that will follow through on making the purchase, so showing persistence at this point can show sellers that the buyer is an excellent choice when entering the lease option contract.

At a Glance

  • Search listings for homes marketed as rent to own homes
  • Making a good, first impression when contacting the seller is important
  • Constructing a sincerely friendly rapport with the property seller is essential
  • Persistence often pays off for motivated homebuyers

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