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Chapter 6: Where to Find Rent to Own Homes

For homebuyers that decide to go the route of rent to own homes, finding these homes may seem difficult. Not only do homebuyers want to find a nice home, but a good landlord that offers agreeable terms. When traditional home financing is limited or restricted, homebuyers usually find it easier to find lease options. Rent to own homes are also common in a buyer’s market, but homebuyers still need to know where they can find these homes. Here is a look at some of the best places where these nontraditional homes can be found.

The easiest way that potential homebuyers can quickly find many rent to own homes all over the United States is by logging on to the website. Here, they can easily utilize the advanced search feature to look for rent to own homes in many cities and counties across the country. The benefits of using this website will be discussed in the next chapter, along with helpful tips that will help homebuyers make the most of and all it has to offer.

The easiest way to find rent to own homes all over the United States is by logging on to

Web Search

Homebuyers should make use of search engines, such as Google, when searching for rent to own homes. Using the search term “rent to own homes” or “lease option homes” along with the city and state of interest may provide excellent results. For example, a homebuyer who wants to buy in Houston, Texas should use search phrases like “lease option homes in Houston Texas” or “Houston Texas rent to own homes.” This will provide homebuyers will local results that may prove helpful when searching for these non-traditional home options.


Newspapers have fallen in popularity in age of the Internet in the 21st century, but in many cases, homebuyers may find rent to own homes in newspapers. The real estate classifieds section is the best place for potential homebuyers to search. Sometimes, sellers who are not comfortable with using the Internet will resort to the newspaper to advertise rent to own homes.

Even though newspapers may seem “old school,” it never hurts to check, since they may offer some excellent lease option opportunities.

Driving through Neighborhoods

Consider driving through neighborhoods of interest when trying to find rent to own homes. Often, lease to own homes are scattered through different areas. Simply driving around and scouring neighborhoods to check for rental signs may provide an excellent way to find rent to own properties. Many sellers choose to use signage to advertise their home instead of using other costly advertising options, so it pays to drive through areas of interest.


One of the last resorts for homebuyers seeking rent to own homes is getting in touch with a real estate agent who deals with rentals. These real estate agents often know about lease option homes in the area.  Quality agents have their finger on the pulse of the market, thereby making the search for a lease option property just a little bit easier.

At a Glance

  • Buyers can search for rent to own homes on the website;
  • Searching with a search engine may provide excellent local results;
  • Newspapers are also a great place in which to find ads for some rent to own homes;
  • Driving through local neighborhoods may yield potential lease option properties;
  • As a last resort, getting in touch with a realtor can help.

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