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Chapter 7: Searching for Rent to Own Homes on RealtyStore

When looking for rent to own homes across the United States., it is very beneficial for people to consult and to utilize the website, the best website of its kind for homebuyers looking for non-traditional home buying opportunities. Rent to own homes are becoming more popular across the country as many more individuals find that the lending requirements for mortgages and home loans are becoming increasingly stringent. This leaves homebuyers resorting to alternative means to make their home ownership dreams come true. makes it exceptionally easy for people to locate rent to own homes, no matter where they want to buy in the country. Using the website is very straightforward and provides one of the most effective methods of finding these lease option homes.

The Search

The website is laid out in a user-friendly manner. After signing into the website, buyers search for rent to own homes have the site’s powerful search engine at his or her disposal. There are two search options: the quick search and the advanced search. For those doing a quick and simple search, the quick search option offers excellent results. This allows buyers to search by state, city and county. The simple search for also offers buyers the ability to choose the type of home they are searching for, including rent to own homes. Here is a closer look at the quick search form.

Here is a closer look at the RealtyStore quick search form, which allows home buyers to specifically select rent to own homes, foreclosures, HUD homes or pre-foreclosures, etc.

The Advanced Search form

The other search option available to buyers is the advanced search option. This option provides buyers with more options to better narrow their search for rent-to-own homes. Again, buyers can choose the type of property they are looking for and the area where they want to purchase. With the advanced form, buyers also can choose to specify the number of bedrooms, the square feet amount of the home, the year built, lot size and even the number of bathrooms. These advanced features let prospective buyers find properties that are best suited to their specific home buying needs. The following is a helpful look at the advanced search form.

The Advanced Search form allows a higher degree of selection.

The Search Results

After potential homebuyers hit the “submit” button on their search, the next page will display the most appropriate search results based on the criteria entered into the search engine. If searching for a rent to own home, a page with properties that match the search will show up, which buyers may view as a list or as a map. Listings include the asking price, the address, pertinent home details and other important information. Many listings offer Smart Zip Home Scores and Smart Zip Investor Scores, which show potential buyers how good of a deal the property is, compared to other similar properties. The following is an example of the search results that would show up when searching for rent to own homes in Phoenix, AZ. Quite a few homes are available matching this search and buyers can see the information available on most homes.

To learn more about each individual listing, homebuyers should click on the “View Details” link, which will lead to a page where further information is provided.

The Search Results page on RealtyStore displays rent to own homes that match the search, which buyers may view as a list or as a map.

The Individual Property Page

Finally, the individual property webpage will be the final step in the search process for anyone who is looking through any rent to own homes. After clicking on the “View Details” link, buyers will arrive at a page that offers a closer look at the home. The property webpage includes a summary of the home, relevant property information, price information, neighborhood information, financing information and contact information. Pictures of the home, if provided, can be viewed on this page as well. Here is an example of what buyers may see on the individual property webpage for a lease option home.

The property webpage includes a summary of the home, relevant property information, price information, neighborhood information, financing information and contact information.

Top Reasons to Use

Homebuyers may want to learn a bit more about and all it offers before deciding to use this paid membership website. While other methods can be used to find rent to own homes, this website offers specific benefits to buyers. The following are some important reasons to consider using to search for lease option homes.

Reason 1 – Find Helpful Information on Rent to Own Homes

One excellent reason homebuyers may want to use is because helpful information on rent to own homes is provided on the site. Homebuyers should do plenty of research before choosing this home buying route and this website offers helpful information, tips and sample contracts to give homebuyers every advantage if they decide that lease option homes are the right option for their specific needs.

Reason 2 – Quality Search Engine Makes it Easy to Find Homes

Another reason homebuyers should use is to take advantage of the quality search engine offered by the site. With this search engine, it becomes much easier to find rent to own homes. The advanced search option allows buyers to narrow their search even further once they subscribe to the service, providing targeted homes that meet their needs.

Reason 3 – Search for More Than Just Lease Option Properties

While homebuyers are considering lease option properties, buyers may want to consider some of the other non-traditional home buying methods available to them as well. allows buyers to not only search for rent to own homes, but also lets them search for bank foreclosures, HUD homes, for sale by owner homes and other options. Buyers may then carefully consider each option and choose the one best suited to their home buying needs.

Reason 4 – Check Out the Site with a Trial Membership

Buyers have the opportunity to check out the site with a trial membership before paying the full price for site membership. This allows buyers to get a feel for how the site works and how helpful it really is to buyers. This trial membership lasts for a week and only costs $1. During the trial membership, buyers may cancel at any time to be avoid being charged the full membership fee at the end of the trial.

At a Glance:

  • Searching for rent to own homes on is convenient;
  • The basic, quick search is fast and easy to use;
  • The advanced search offers a more specific search;
  • Clicking on the picture, the address of the home or the “View Details” link will take users to the property page, which offers more detailed information on the lease option property;
  • Homebuyers will find many reasons to use, including helpful information, easy search options, searching for many types of properties and the ability to take advantage of the special trial membership. has the nation's largest database of lease options, foreclosures and bargain homes.

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