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Chapter 10: Submitting Your Bid

After deciding upon a bid amount, the next step in the process of buying HUD homes is to submit the bid.

After deciding upon a bid amount, the next step in the process of buying HUD homes is to submit the bid. When the bidding process is being completed, every detail is important. Proper execution of each document is essential and a problem with even a small detail can result in a rejected bid. Before submitting bids online to HUD, quality real estate agents should take care of the following details:


Provide HUD with any disclosures the state requires regarding agency law and representation.

Fill Every Blank

Ensure that every blank is filled in on the HUD contract and the included addenda. Every page should be either signed or initialed as required and blue ink should be used for signing.


Earnest money deposit should be collected in certified funds.

NOTE: Personal checks may not be used. The agent must certify when making the bid that the certified funds have been collected.

If real estate agents fail to submit forms that are fully correct, changes and initials from the buyer may need to be immediately executed. Contracts that are incomplete or faulty are not tolerated and may result in the next highest offer being accepted. Accuracy and diligence will ensure the transaction goes smoothly.

Once again, this is an instance when having a high quality, experienced real estate agent pays off. Agents who fail to pay attention to every detail may lose the bid for their buyers, dashing their hopes of home ownership. Every rule should be followed carefully without exception.

To ensure that real estate agents pay attention to every detail, it is worth the buyer’s time to download their own copy of the “Owner Occupant Sales Package.” This downloadable package can be found at the property detail page on Buyers should read the contract and ask their real estate agents any questions that they encounter along the way. The more informed the buyer is, the more involved they can be in the process of bidding on and purchasing HUD homes.

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