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Chapter 4: Searching for HUD Homes on RealtyStore (full)

One big concern of many homebuyers looking for HUD homes is trying to find quality HUD homes. While listings can be found by visiting the official HUD home website, offers a better search experience for buyers looking for cheap homes. RealtyStore is a website that offers consumers a place to search for homes and is especially popular among buyers interesting in using nontraditional methods to purchase a home. Not only does the website offer a helpful search engine that buyers may use to find quality property listings in their area, but it also is an excellent resource full of excellent information for buyers.

The Benefits of Using

Before deciding to use, buyers may want a better idea of the benefits offered by this website. The following are several exciting benefits to using to search for HUD homes or other nontraditional buying options.

Benefit #1 – Easy Search Engine Provided

One of the top benefits offers buyers searching for HUD homes is the easy to use search engine that is provided. Searching becomes easy for buyers, since they can search through HUD government foreclosures, narrowing the search by location, price range and other search parameters. Finding excellent HUD homes in the area becomes easy with the helpful search engine offered to those who subscribe to the service offered by the website.

Benefit #2 – Helpful Information Offered on HUD Homes

Another benefit provides to buyers is the helpful information offered on HUD homes that are listed. When buyers search through the HUD properties and view results that match their search, they will find contact information to help them get in touch with agents in charge of the listing. In addition, the site provides information on how good the deal is on the home, easily showing buyers the best deals.

Benefit #3 – Try Before Making an Investment in the Site

Before paying the membership fee for an entire month, the site gives buyers the benefit of trying the site before making that investment. For only $1, potential buyers may sign up to try out the site for a week’s time, giving them a good look of everything the website has to offer. If they wish to cancel, doing so before the week is up will allow them to forego paying the monthly fee to use the website.

Benefit #4 – Other Options are Available Too

Not only will buyers find access to excellent listings for HUD homes, but other home options are available as well. Buyers can search through other nontraditional methods of buying a home, such as bank foreclosures, lease option homes, for sale by owner homes and more. This allows buyers to carefully consider all their options while searching for homes in a specific area or price range.

Tips for Searching for HUD Homes on

Once buyers purchase the monthly membership to, they have full access to the searching capabilities of the website. The ability to search through specific listings of HUD homes is a valuable asset to those looking for a HUD home in their area. However, it is important that buyers make the most of the search options available to them. The following tips offer buyers some excellent advice that will allow them to enjoy everything the search engine has to offer them.

Tip #1 – Start with the Basic Search

Once on the member listings page, use the basic search tool that makes it easy to search for HUD homes. Users can then type in the name of a city or use the dropdown menus to select a state, then a county and then a specific city to search. Check the foreclosures box and hit search.

Tip #2 – Consider Using the Advanced Search

At the bottom of the basic search, a special link says “More Search Options.” By clicking on this link a new search page loads, offering users more advanced options. Users can then search by number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, days on the site, the property type and other advanced options. The advanced search makes it easy to narrow down search results to make them more specific.

Tip #3 – Using the Search Results

Once the search results appear, they can be viewed in several ways. A simple list view offers the address, summary and a picture of the property if provided. In the list view, users will notice a small blue house with a number and a small green house with a number. The blue house offers the “SmartZip Home Score,” indicating how good of a deal the home is for a potential buyer. The green house is the “SmartZip Home Score,” which is a similar feature for potential investors. Higher scores mean better deals. This is just one more helpful feature that makes it easier for users to find cheap homes. offers many excellent features that make it easy to find high quality HUD homes for a reasonable deal. With these helpful tips, users can easily browse through listings in the area they want to move. The site also provides excellent information on real estate topics, making it a great go-to resource for those planning to buy HUD homes or other types of property.